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Can Stroke Patients Recover?

Can Stroke Patients Recover?

Stoke is a relatively common occurrence in the United States.  In fact, someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds.  This means that over 700,000 people in the United States have a stroke every year.  While strokes and heart attacks are sometimes used by the general public interchangeably, there is a difference.  A heart attack occurs when the heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen.  However, a stroke occurs when the brain is not getting enough oxygen.  A stroke is a serious condition that can lead to death or permanent disability in some people.  Fortunately, for those that survive a stroke, it is possible to see a full recovery in some cases.

            Strokes occur when the blood supply to the brain is blocked for a period of time.  As a result, brain cells begin to die.  Depending on where these cells are located in the brain, the body will have some kind of reaction.  For example, if brain cells die in the area of the brain that controls speech, a person might have trouble talking after the stroke.  As a result, quick action during a stroke is absolutely necessary in order to minimize the damage caused by the event.

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            The most common symptoms of a stroke are trouble speaking, paralysis or numbness of the extremities, vision problems, headaches, or trouble walking.  If you have any of these symptoms, it is imperative to call 9-1-1 immediately.  Treatment of stroke typically consists of a mix between medication and potentially surgery if medication fails.  While these treatments can help prevent a stroke from getting worse, a person may still have damage from the stroke after these interventions are performed. 

            After a person suffers a stroke, they are highly recommended to enter the most vigorous rehabilitation program their body can handle.  Patients who enter a stroke recovery program will have a team of physicians, mental health experts, nurses, dietitians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and any other experts they may need.  While these stroke rehabilitation centers can greatly help a person recover from a stroke, many patients will still notice they have lasting symptoms.  This is where stem cell therapy comes into play.  In recent years, stem cell therapy has been researched for its effectiveness in stroke patients.  While various therapies and medications can help to rehabilitate a person, they cannot always find the damage that is done on a cellular level.  Stem cells are believed to help regenerate new brain cells to replace damaged ones in stroke patients.

            Suffering a stroke is very difficult for the person affected and their loved ones.  While it is a relief to survive a stroke, stroke survivors still have very long roads ahead of them in terms of recovery.  Patients who undergo aggressive treatment for stroke early on are the most likely to make a full recovery.  While there are many traditional methods of treatment, they are all aimed at treating the symptoms of a stroke versus the underlying problem, death of brain cells.  Stem cell therapy from Phoenix stem cell treatment has the ability to help the body regenerate brain cells, thus, helping a person to recover from a stroke.

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