A True Testimonial On How Stem Cell Therapy Works!

A True Testimonial On How Stem Cell Therapy Works!

A True Testimonial On How Stem Cell Therapy Works!

This is a letter and a living testimony sent to R3 Stem Cell on how stem cell therapy improves the quality of life of an individual. 

Dr. Greene,

“I went to the R3 Stem Cell clinic in Tijuana in the first week of April 2022.  I had 70 million stem cells, including 40 million intravenous, and the rest injected into my shoulder, upper cervical, TMJ, and face (for post-heretic neuralgia, not for beauty). I would like to tell you the results I have had already, approximately 2 months after the therapy.

There were no complications at all. Well, if there was some soreness afterward, it was so little that I don’t remember. 

My hair has gone from deep grey to close to the auburn brown it had four years ago, with a tiny bit of grey left on the sides. A bonus side effect! 

My shoulder, which was very frozen six months ago, and supposed to need surgery due to the biceps tendon being 50% torn, and severe bursitis under the scapula and in the labrum, has healed up, and I have normal strength and almost normal range of motion in my right arm now. The physical therapist had just estimated it would take 1 year of 3X a week to get to this point. This is amazing!  

My upper cervicals are still unstable. There had been a severe whiplash injury many years ago, and ligaments have been stretched, maybe a couple is torn, so it’s really a matter of maintaining an adaptive lifestyle. However, since the stem cells, I have been able to travel with heavy suitcases, swim in the ocean, and ride bumpy buses, all without getting headaches! this would have been impossible before- I was having severe head pain.  

My face and eye: I had the shingles so bad it put me in the hospital, with blood oozing out of open sores all over my forehead’s right side and eyebrow!. I had infrared laser therapy for three weeks to grow the skin back, plus 8 sessions of Neural therapy, plus vitamin B injections, yet still, to control the neuralgia I had to take a large dose of a drug meant for epilepsy, twice a day, and several nerve supplements, but the drug had a side effect of making me feel dizzy and weak in the legs. I have not taken that drug once since the stem cells.

I have no nerve pain, the skin now looks just like the other side of my forehead, and the numbness in my eyebrow has gone! On days when I don’t spend much time on the computer, I notice that my right eye now sees better than my left eye, WITHOUT my glasses! (this has never happened before, I was always left-eyed, since childhood). I must go get a new glasses prescription for improved vision!

My Pancreas: I have had to take digestive enzymes with every meal for over 40 years now because in my twenties I got an infection that shut down my pancreas’ ability to deliver enzymes to my small intestine. SO I had chronic inflammatory Bowel disease, forcing me to limit my diet and meal size rather severely.

I won’t say I can eat normally, but my bowels are definitely improving, and in another month, it should be even better, since I understand that the stem cells tend to have effects that enhance healing for 3 months or more. If only I could have gotten this treatment 40 years ago!  

I believe that the two hours I spent at the R3 Stem Cell clinic gave me the capacity for this incredible amount of healing- 6 things at once if you include my greying hair- a capacity that I wouldn’t have had at my age of 67, and so the aging process for me has gone retrograde!

I feel so much better, like getting 8 years younger, while avoiding surgery altogether, and recapturing the feeling that I can be a productive person in society again! 

Thank you for all your hard work setting up this organization that made all this possible! And a big shout-out to the staff at the Tijuana Clinic!” 


Carl. A, USA





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