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5 Ways Pain Can Affect Your Daily Activities

5 Ways Pain Can Affect Your Daily Activities

Pain of any kind can have extensive adverse effects on the human body, especially when it is a chronic one. Doctors describe chronic pain as one that lasts for over three months. People who wake up to aches in one or two parts of their body have reduced productivity and concentration amidst other physiological and mental conditions.

Researchers have also found that chronic pain causes loss of the brain’s gray matter at the same rate as seen in someone who has aged for fifteen to twenty years. From sleep disorders to loss of focus and addiction, here are some ways pain affects your everyday activities.

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Sleep Disorders

One of the most debilitating effects of chronic pain is loss of sleep. People who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease, CRPS, and other painful medical conditions report chronic sleep loss. The unending pain often stops them from getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep, resulting in sleep disorders such as insomnia.

It is crucial that we get the recommended daily dose of sleep as it is during the rest period that the brain performs some of its functions. Sleep disorders are also responsible for many other medical conditions, including rapid aging and mood swings.

Anxiety, Bad Moods, and Depression

Chronic pain also causes anxiety, mood swings, and depression. It is very difficult to remain cheerful when it seems as if you are always in pain. In addition, patients always worry about the cause of the pain and when they will finally be free of it. The worry and anxiety can become even more heightened when the patient has to quit work due to the pain. The constant fear and anxiety can easily result in depression

Inability to Focus

Chronic pain reduces the volume of the brain’s gray matter. The gray matter is responsible for sensory activities such as memory, emotions, decision making, and self-control. As it reduces, so does our ability to perform these sensory activities. In addition, the body is not designed to withstand or adapt to pain. Pain is supposed to send a signal that something needs fixing. When we try to ignore this signal, the body comes up with new ways to force us to address the issue. With this constant reminder, concentration and focus become very elusive.

Addiction to Pain Meds

Chronic pain can cause addiction to painkillers. The body can easily become dependent on pain meds that contain steroids and narcotics. It can also develop a tolerance for the drugs, leading to more painkiller abuse. Abuse of painkillers can, in turn, cause organ failure and many other adverse effects on the body.

Social Anxiety Disorders

Bad mood, anxiety, lack of sleep, and other effects of pain will put a strain on your relationship with others. Family members and caregivers will continue to laugh and have fun even as your back or knee slowly kills you.

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