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Stem Cell Treatment in Norfolk

Stem Cell Treatment in Norfolk

Stem cell therapy has gained attention in recent times because its risk level is low and its excellent outcome after the treatment of patients with neurological, diseases, musculoskeletal, cardiac, and cosmetic conditions. Unlike traditional methods of treatment such as surgery which may only mitigate the symptoms of a condition, this treatment is a permanent relief from these conditions.  


At R3 Stem cell, we perform stem cell therapy in several regions in the UK, which means that patients can also get a Stem cell treatment in Norfolk, East of England. This is a treatment that is performed at an R3 clinic, fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our patients get the best medical care. Our medical experts who perform this therapy are able to evaluate each patient’s condition to ascertain the best regenerative procedure for them. 


Using stem cells that are either derived from the patient’s own body or regenerative materials, our stem cell therapy helps in the repair of damaged or dysfunctional tissues in the body which can improve the patient’s health significantly. As a result, medical conditions such as bursitis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver insufficiency, and hepatitis that have been labeled as ‘hard to treat’ can easily be reversed.  


Our regenerative materials are processed to prevent any rejection reaction, infection, nerve injury and other risks that may be inevitable in standard procedures. This makes our stem cell therapy with the use of these materials safe for the treatment of one or multiple conditions in patients. The FDA certified labs where these materials are processed do not have significant radiation or preservatives, which is to ensure that the quality of stem cells is maintained. 


What is Stem Cell Therapy? 

Stem cell therapy is also called regenerative medicine because of its ability to recreate stem cells in the body and repair degenerated cells, tissues, and organs in the body. This is a method of treatment that is carried out by transplanting new stem cells in the body of a patient suffering from a degenerative or hematopoietic disorder. 


How are the Regenerative Procedures carried out? 

Our regenerative procedures do not involve surgery or patient harvesting, but they are performed through injection or IV infusion. That is to say, our stem cells are processed into an injectable form which is them transplanted into the patient’s body. This is a one-time outpatient procedure which does not require that patient’s skip work because it is completed within a few minutes to an hour. 


Are There Any Ethical Issues with These Biologics? 

No, there are none. This is because the amniotic and umbilical cord tissues we acquire are willingly donated by mothers undergoing a c-section. Thus, they are not materials from aborted fetuses and there is no fetal tissue or cloning. Also, the patients from whom these materials are gotten are thoroughly tested according to the regulations of the FDA.  


Am I a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy? 

Acute injuries in joints and other medical conditions can be treated through stem cell therapy and as such, if you have an ailment of this nature, then you may have to undergo stem cell therapy.  

Since this is not a guarantee for undergoing a procedure, please check here to consult with one of our doctors who will first evaluate your condition to ascertain your state of health. 


What are the Risks of Amniotic and Umbilical Tissue? 

The level of risks involved in the use of amniotic and umbilical cord tissues for our regenerative procedures is low. The reason for this is that they do not contain steroids that may cause adrenal gland or blood sugar issues. Also, these materials have been processed to remove any DNA factors that may cause a rejection reaction. 


Now, patients can get a Stem cell treatment in Norfolk which eliminates additional travel costs that may be incurred. This regenerative procedure is performed in our clinical center by a certified doctor who is experienced in the field. At its completion, the best possible outcome is one that will repair dysfunctional tissues in their body which in turn, facilitates the healing of the body. 


On that note, please check here to consult or make a free appointment with one of our doctors. You can complete this treatment in a single day, hence, your work and other activities for the day will be unaffected.  

For more information about our R3 stem cell therapy, please check here or call us at (844) GET-STEM or Visit us at 



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