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Affordable Stem Cell Therapy in Karachi Pakistan

Affordable Stem Cell Therapy in Karachi Pakistan

R3 Stem Cell has announced it is now open in Karachi Pakistan and is scheduling new patients. As the world’s busiest regenerative clinics, R3 Stem Cell’s providers have performed over 23,000 stem cell procedures in the past decade.

The stem cell procedures are performed for over 50 different conditions, with residents of Pakistan receiving what’s known as “Preferred Pricing”. Recently, R3 Stem Cell not only completed construction of the new Karachi stem cell clinic, but also has completed the first of its kind tissue processing lab in the country.

Along with the Preferred Pricing for Pakistan residents, local patients also receive free platelet rich plasma therapy and a multivitamin infusion when receiving stem cell therapy.

According to R3 Stem Cell CEO David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA, “I felt it important to have the Preferred Pricing for Pakistani residents as a way of giving back to the country for supporting us over the years. There are so many people who can benefit from treatment in Pakistan, and we want to have as many patients as possible receive regenerative therapies!”

Stem cells have shown tremendous effectiveness for hip, knee, and shoulder pain. The data collected by R3 Stem Cell has shown a patient satisfaction rate of 90% for arthritis treated with stem cells.

Along with treating arthritis, erectile dysfunction (ED) has also seen incredible results with stem cells. ED is very common in Pakistan, often as a secondary effect of diabetes. The stem cells are able to increase blood flow to facilitate proper functioning.

Effective outcomes are also seen for diabetes, stroke, COPD, heart disease, lung failure, chronic kidney disease along with autism and cerebral palsy. As the leader globally in stem cell therapy, R3 Stem Cell has over 25 different protocols for patients to maximize effectiveness.

R3 Stem Cell began operations over a decade ago in the United States. Currently, R3 has clinics in seven countries, including the two in Pakistan with Islamabad and Karachi.

According to R3 Stem Cell CEO David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA, “In Pakistan, we started our original location five years ago in Islamabad. Since that time, the demand in Karachi for patients to receive first rate, affordable stem cell procedures has grown exponentially. So we built a contemporary, beautiful clinic where those regenerative therapies are performed right in Karachi!”

Unlike other regenerative clinics in Pakistan, initial consultations are free of charge. They may be performed in person or virtual, and people will then find out if they are a candidate for treatment and the appropriate recommendation. To sign up for a free consultation, simply call

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