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Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Beverly Hills, California

Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Beverly Hills, California

R3 Stem Cell offers regenerative medicine procedures at numerous locations throughout California. We are often asked, “How much does stem cell therapy cost in Beverly Hills, California?” Well, the great news is that R3 Stem Cell has been providing procedures for over 10 years in six countries, with a volume high enough to have brought the cost down considerably!

Most stem cell clinics in Beverly Hills offer a low volume of procedures. In order to offer high-quality biologics, they have to purchase them at low-volume pricing. This is expensive! Those costs are then passed along to patients, with a joint injection being priced at $5000 to $7500. This is unnecessary.

R3 Stem Cell centers have performed over 24,000 procedures in the past 10 years. With that kind of volume, the savings are passed along to patients. Our philosophy is to provide an amazing service for a fair price.

Pricing at R3 Stem Cell Centers

R3 Stem Cell’s procedure pricing starts at only $2495. This includes a full stem cell joint injection using ultrasound guidance, with PRP being included along with a multivitamin infusion too. As the amount of biologics increases, pricing goes up. But there are significant price breaks, such as two joints for $3995.

R3 Stem Cell has a Price Match Guarantee so people don’t need to worry about receiving the highest quality treatment at the most affordable pricing. 

R3 Stem Cell: A Global Leader

R3 Stem Cell is the world’s largest regenerative therapy provider with locations in 6 countries. For over 10 years, R3 has provided 24,000 stem cell therapies globally. Our mission is to treat as many individuals in Beverly Hills as possible with the highest quality, safest stem cell biologics at the most affordable pricing ANYWHERE.

R3 Stem Cell’s PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE promises that we will either match or beat pricing offered to you by a competing company. We want clients to receive their care with confidence knowing they are receiving the absolute highest possible value for their investment in their health!

Affordability and Accessibility

R3 Stem Cell has a corporate stem cell and regenerative medicine treatment location in Beverly Hills CA. The cost of stem cell therapy in California is affordable, to the point of patients receiving the Mercedes of Stem Cell Therapy for the pricing equivalent of a Ford. Patients come to R3’s Beverly Hills location from all over California because of the reputation, affordability and value offered. 

Insurance Coverage Challenges

With stem cell therapy being described as “new technology”, insurance is not covering the procedures. Even when the FDA starts approving the technology, it will still take years for coverage to occur. Therefore, the cost of stem cell treatment in Beverly Hills is out of pocket.

R3 Stem Cell's Commitment to Patients

Don’t let practices take advantage of you! R3 Stem Cell in Beverly Hills will treat you with expert, compassionate providers at affordable pricing with safe and effective regenerative biologics. 

Plus you will benefit from R3’s Therapy Commitment, where if you’re not happy with your outcome a year after the procedure R3 will repeat it for free!

Call R3 Stem Cell today to set up your free consultation to see if you are a candidate for regenerative therapy at 844-GET-STEM.

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