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Stem Cell Therapy San Diego for ONLY $2495

Have you or a loved one been looking at stem cell therapy in San Diego but found it to be prohibitively expensive? Well you have found the right opportunity! R3 Stem Cell is now serving San Diego and all the surrounding areas including Chula Vista, La Jolla, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Vista, El Cajon, Escondido, Encenitas.

For a stem cell joint injection with 10 million stem cells, the All Inclusive price is just $2495. Or a patient can have  two joint injections with 10 million stem cells each for ONLY $3995.

This is HALF of what most clinics in Southern California charge, and R3’s biologics include WAY MORE stem cells being injected by Board Certified doctors using image guidance. Clinically and cost effective for joint pain relief, and R3 offers a free phone consultation for patients.

Stem cell San Diego

The R3 Stem Cell Injection Program applies to any joint injection(s) a patient needs, with umbilical cord tissue biologics that come from FDA regulated labs that use clean rooms and ISO5 technology. No better biologic exists in the USA! This can be the knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, back or neck.

For nine years, R3’s Centers of Excellence in the United States and internationally have been offering first rate stem cell and exosome therapies, with over 16,000 procedures performed. To date, the success rate at all of R3’s Centers exceeds 85% for joint pain relief when patients are asked AFTER A YEAR!

Call (844) GET-STEM to get set up with a FREE phone consultation to see if you are a candidate. $2495 for 10 million stem cells in San Diego!


Patients ask the following questions a lot:

I live in the San Diego area, why is R3 Stem Cell’s Injection Program my best option?

For close to a decade now, R3’s nationwide Centers of Excellence have been offering first rate stem cell injections. Outcomes have been fantastic for joint pain relief, and we take the patient experience VERY seriously. If the experience involves a patient paying a ridiculously high amount when it’s unnecessary, we take issue with that. There are other issues that we decided to fix.

With R3’s Centers performing over 1000 procedures monthly, we have a LOT of buying power. So those savings have been passed directly through to patients! In addition, our doctors have considerable experience in all types of joint injections. This includes the knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle, wrist, back and neck too. You don’t need to spend a very high amount to receive a stem cell injection for back pain in San Diego. Our pricing doesn’t change from $2495 for 10 million cells, or 20 million cells for $3995!

Best Stem Cell Clinic San Diego

If you want the combination of high cell counts, a great outcome for pain relief, top notch stem cell biologic, Board Certified experienced doctor using image guidance for accuracy, then R3 Stem Cell San Diego is your BEST option!

Call (844) GET-STEM to set up your free phone consultation today.

Stem Cell Therapy San Diego

For one joint, other clinics I’ve contacted want over $4k-5k, why is R3 Stem Cell only $2495 for a better biologic with over 10 million stem cells?

To put it simply, R3’s buying power is impressive. With over 16,000 procedures performed to date, we have leverage for achieving savings on first rate biologics, and stem cell knee injection san diegothose savings are passed right on to patients. Most stem cell clinics in San Diego use second rate biologics with low cell counts that produce short term benefits. Don’t settle for second rate!

You should NOT have to pay $4k to $5k to receive top notch stem cell therapy in San Diego or surrounding areas like La Jolla, Chula Vista, Oceanside, Encenitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar, El Cajon. Our Centers offer the “Mercedes” of stem cell therapy for the price of a “Ford”. Our stem cell biologics are better than other clinics, our providers are experts and image guidance is used for the joints, back and neck pain. We don’t charge extra for the back or neck either!

Tell me more about the biologics being used. Are they first rate when the treatment is so inexpensive?

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy San DiegoAbsolutely! R3 Stem Cell Centers never compromise on the quality of the stem cell biologics being used. The biologics include umbilical cord stem cells obtained from consenting donors after a scheduled c-section. No babies are harmed during the donation process and no embryonic stem cells are used!

Patients are welcome to see the Certificate of Analysis of the biologics. This shows the FDA regulated testing that was performed on the biologics along with the cell counts. It’s an extremely transparent process with R3 Stem Cell, whereas, most clinics have NO idea what’s in the biologics being given! That’s  what second rate clinics offer, but NOT at R3 Stem Cell.

What kind of doctor performs the procedure? Does he or she use image guidance? 

R3’s stem cell doctor in San Diego is Board Certified and highly experienced in joint, stem cell therapy Carlsbad CAback and neck injections. Dr. Arnold Kremer, MD in Del Mar is a long time provider with an esteemed reputation.

Patients love his bedside manner and the expertise he brings to regenerative cases. Stem cell procedures in San Diego are much more cost effective with R3, even though Dr. Kremer uses the best biologics imaginable, having 10 million stem cells per joint injection!

How can I get started?

R3 Stem Cell offers those interested a free phone consultation to discuss options. You will also be assigned a dedicated concierge representative to work with you through the process.

Call us today at (844) GET-STEM to get scheduled, or simply visit THIS PAGE  to schedule yourself!


Amazingly, stem cell clinics around the USA often do not know the nuances of what’s being injected. This is a disservice to patients. Considering that most of the magic happens at the lab, it’s important for the biologic to be top notch.

R3 is extremely particular about the tissue being used. The umbilical cord tissue is processed at an FDA Certified lab with clean rooms, is cGMP compliant, and ISO 5 Certified. The testing for infectious diseases is rigorous, and in 16,000 procedures, R3 Stem Cell has never had a significant adverse event. No deep infections, no disease transmission or rejections.

Call R3 today at (844) GET-STEM!