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All R3 Centers offer a no cost consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative cell therapies including cytokines, growth factors, exosomes, secretomes and stem cells. Contact R3 today!

Provider Partnership

The R3 Partnership Program offers providers an All-in-One Regenerative practice program including marketing, products and IRB Approved protocols and Research studies.

Using Health Services
View of the Webb County Courthouse in Laredo TX
The City of Laredo provides several services to its residents through its Health Department. These services are often free or at a much lower cost than if the participant were to go through insurance or pay out of pocket. The Health Department determines what services are most necessary based on census data, local surveys, and voting in local elections. Visit their website to learn more about all of these programs, a few of which are:

  • Help with behavioral health including issues around substance abuse
  • Health and wellness promotion including support with diet, exercise and a balanced lifestyle
  • Immunization including free clinics, particularly for the elderly and young children
  • WIC as well as a one-week summer camp for children on WIC
  • Dental health services
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Maintaining A Diet At Restaurants

Laredo is full of amazing family-owned restaurants and traditional cooking. Sometimes, however, these meals might now always be the healthiest or most nutritious. Fueling your body with lots of fresh produce and lean protein is one of the best ways to ensure lifelong health. If you’re going through regenerative therapy, it also helps to ensure that your body will take to the therapy. If you are looking to manage your health or just trying to stay on top of your diet a bit better, try some of these fantastic options in Laredo:

  • Fresh2Go: A lovely lunch spot with soups, salads, and sandwiches. They offer vegan options, as well.
  • The Green Crepe: This restaurant offers lighter fare and is a great, healthy option for takeout if you are looking to bring a meal home to your family.
  • El Quinto Sol: One of the most popular healthy options in Laredo, TX, this bakery and juice bar, will help fuel you for the rest of your day. Try one of their smoothies for a nutrient boost on the go.

Staying Active In Laredo

Maintaining a good 30 minutes of vigorous activity, even just three times a week can significantly improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing. It promotes muscle growth, ignites your metabolism, and releases endorphins, which put you in a great mood. Laredo, Texas, experiences some very long, hot summers, making outdoor activity a bit tough. Consider joining one of the following fitness studios or gyms and make an active lifestyle your new goal:

  • Anytime Fitness: A classic gym with cardio machines and weight lifting apparatus
  • Orange Theory Fitness: This chain has gained national recognition as one of the best HITT workouts around. A combination of running, rowing, and weighted exercise get you in and out under an hour.
  • Laredo Kickboxing Academy: More into classes? This fitness studio offers you a challenge while teaching you martial arts moves — a wonderful workout for the body and the brain.

Who R3 Stem Cell Helps

Since our start nearly six years ago, R3 Stem Cell and its associates have helped tens of thousands of individuals across the country. Our focus is to reinvigorate your immune system so that you can restore your body to its best form. The types of people we have helped in the past include:

  • Athletes dealing with joint complaints
  • Elderly patients suffering from chronic, localized pain
  • Individuals experiencing a decline in their overall vitality
  • Patients with mobility or movement issues

Our Regenerative Therapy Approach

Although regenerative therapy might sound like a new type of therapy, it is rooted in time-tested techniques and scientific research. We use procedures such as:

  • Platelet-rich plasma injections
  • Exosomes
  • Cytokinins
  • Growth Factors
  • Umbilical cord stem cells
  • Adipose stem cells

All of these procedures have been studied extensively in lab and clinical studies. Although each one uses different forms of compounds, chemicals, or cells, their final results are the same: a more vital you. If you are interested in learning more about the regenerative options that we offer, call 844-GET-STEM to schedule a consultation with a provider near Laredo.

Laredo doctor holding tablet with a patient's knee xrayA Quick Guide To Therapy Options Near Laredo, TX

Each of the therapies we provide has a large body of research to back it. Each therapy is unique, and because of that, it may feel a bit overwhelming to understand the difference between them. Here are a few foundational explanations of our offerings:

  • Platelet-rich plasma injections: a concentrated serum formed form your own blood. Useful for bringing nutrients to growing tissue.
  • Exosomes: Small, molecular bubbles that deliver important compounds and information directly to targeted tissues.
  • Cytokinins: A chemical that helps promote rapid cell division. Good for regrowing tissue.
  • Growth factors: Hormone-like substances that initiate the process of rejuvenation
  • Stem cells: These cells can differentiate into many cell types and help replace damaged tissue for good.
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What To Expect

Our therapies target damaged tissues in the body that are the source of whatever of your health and wellness issues. This tissues can be damaged in ways such as:

  • Unregulated gene expression
  • Underperforming cell division
  • Slow cell growth
  • Mutated DNA

Whatever the cause of damaged tissue is, generative therapy can be used to modify or even eradicate these cells and replace them with new, healthy cells. Health cells make you feel and look better, give you more energy and give you back the life you deserve.

Getting To Know You

Please contact us to learn about our providers closest to Laredo. Once we have matched you with the best provider, you will be welcomed in for a free consultation. During this meeting, you will meet with an experienced health professional who will go over your medical history and discuss with you what expectations you have for your health and lifestyle. You will then be provided with your therapy options and educational material so you can go into your therapy, feeling informed and supported.

Supporting Your Recovery
A Laredo family jumping on a trampoline
Therapy is just one part of your journey to a healthier you. It is very important that you provide your body with the necessary time and tools it needs to repair its own tissues. For this reason, we can offer suggestions for supplements, topicals, and other post-injection products to make sure you recover in the best way possible. During your free consultation, we can discuss these options as well.

Educating You About Your Therapy In Laredo

One thing that sets us apart is our commitment to education. Not only do we provide you with access to webinars and seminars on regenerative therapy, but we are there through each step of the process to answer any questions you have. We are also committed to keeping out R3 Stem Cell providers in touch with the regenerative therapy community, which is why we even conduct our own clinical trials and share our data with the scientific community.

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Financing Your Health Goals

We aim to support our Laredo patients with an optimal experience but also an experience that does not become a financial burden. Unfortunately, most insurances do not support regenerative therapy yet, but we are hoping that changes in the near future. Until then, we are committed to helping you finance therapy if you qualify. When you visit our R3 Stem Cell provider for your free consultation, make sure to ask them about financing options. Call 844-GET-STEM today.