How Stem Cell Therapy Can Heal Spinal Stenosis

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Heal Spinal Stenosis

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Heal Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis happens when there’s a narrowing of the spinal space, leading to a level of pressure on the nerve roots and particularly the spinal cord. It can lead to several incapacitating effects like numbness, weakness, and pain in the back.

Over the years, physical therapy and pain medications have been the most widely used treatment to relieve the pain that evolves from spinal stenosis. However, there have been cases when these treatment options have not been effective. More often than not, the patients resolve to surgery.

However, the Advanced Stem Cell Institute offers an alternative option in the name of stem cell therapy which can be a great treatment option for spinal stenosis. The aim is to ensure that every patient can attain long-lasting relief to their pain in a safe and quick way, avoiding every form of risk and complications of spinal surgery and the probable ineffectiveness of medications. In this article, we give you an extensive insight into spinal stenosis and what you need to do for treatment.

What is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis occurs when there are one or more openings in the spine begin to narrow called the foramina. What these narrowing spaces lead to is a reduction in the space left for the nerves. This can lead to a compression of the spinal nerves or cord, which leads to symptoms like weakness, pain, tingling, or numbness.

This condition is typically the result of spinal degeneration that’s due to osteoarthritis. It’s also referred to as the wear and tear of the bones from osteoarthritis that happens to the bones that form the nerve canal.  This wear and tear cause a loss of space in the foramina, which causes the pinching of the nerves that are situated along the way of the spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis can also be caused by a range of other conditions like traumatic spinal injuries, herniated discs, and thickened ligaments around the area of the spine.

Stem Cell therapy for spinal stenosis

Stem cells have the ability to transform into any cell category. When they’re introduced into the treatment plan, specifically for spinal stenosis, they have the ability to aid the repair of damaged, degenerated, or injured tissues.  When these damaged spinal tissues are repaired, they provide a very powerful pain relief option for patients.

Stem cell therapy for spinal stenosis causes the stem cells to be collected from the fat cells found in the abdomen or behind the patient’s pelvis. These derived stem cells are taken into isolation and then injected into the damaged and degenerated area of the spine.  This regeneration process will cause relief for the compressed spinal nerves.

Stem cell therapy is indeed a great option for you to get relief from your spinal stenosis symptoms. Call today to book a session at no cost for a consultation with R3 Stem Cell, a center that offers excellent stem cell therapy in Phoenix, AZ. Our stem cell therapy doctors in Phoenix, AZ are open to helping you!


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