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The Field of Regenerative Therapy in Garland
A doctor meets with a patient for a stem cell consult
Regenerative medicine is a large field that includes medicine, tissue engineering, and also research related to self-healing. Self-healing is when your body uses its systems, often with the help of biological material, to restore cells and rebuild tissues or organs.  The phrases “tissue engineering” and “regenerative therapy” have become somewhat interchangeable. These fields hope to ultimately focus on cures instead of therapies of symptoms for complex, sometimes chronic, diseases.

Engineering Healthy Tissue

Today we have the biological tools to help promote the rebuilding of tissue from the inside out. It seems like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it is actually far from it. The technology is extensively researched, and some techniques have been around for decades. Using biologics, such as microRNAs, growth factors, PRP injections, or stem cells, health care professionals can encourage your cells to divide, grow, and flourish. If tissue is beyond repair, tissue engineering can help your body clear these cells out quickly to make room for healthy cells.

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R3 Stem Cell’s Techniques

One of our goals is to be as minimally invasive as possible. We understand that the process of going through surgery can be frightening and also quite costly. This is why most of our procedures rely on a simple injection. Many people respond positively after only a single injection. If you do require multiple injections, that is completely normal. Because each patient has a different medical history and different physiology, people may require an introduction of more biologics before their systems reset. If you are interested in learning more about stem cell therapy, call 844-GET-STEM to schedule a consultation with a provider near Garland, TX.

The Use Of Growth Factors

Similar to hormones, growth factors promote the growth and differentiate to of cells. These have been extensively studied in budding plants, particularly near the apical shoots of plants. Their function in non-plant organisms is quite similar. The process of cell division is known as mitosis, is the mechanism by which your body grows when you are young and then continually repairs yourself throughout your lifetime. Growth hormones encourage your body towards this process in a more efficient manner.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections Near Garland

One of the most popular forms of regenerative therapy is platelet-rich plasma injections. You can think of these as a nutrient supplement for repairing tissues. We take a sample of your blood and reduce it down to the most important components. This concentration of platelets, fibrinogens, and other cellular components is injected into tissue so that it can deliver the necessary properties to cells. Yoru cells quickly take up this biologic, and new tissue is born.

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Stem Cells For Restoration

We understand the future of stem cells. Stem cells are chameleons of the body, able to change into multiple cell types. This is significant because it allows them to fit into your body like a puzzle piece – whatever you are lacking, stem cells can help to fill that voice. Stem cells, along with other regenerative therapies, can decrease damaged tissue and increase new cell growth.

Improving Your Mobility

Reduced mobility can stem from a number of issues. Movement can be painful, first and foremost. The range of motion can also be reduced as you become stiff, and joint cartilage is decreased. Luckily regenerative therapy can help to promote the regeneration of tissues that support your mobility. So if you wish to improve your mobility, please reach out to us for a free consultation so we may discuss your goals and our recommendations.

A man grips his knee in painCandidates For Regenerative Therapy

Many of our patients encounter multiple health issues. These can range from chronic pain to mobility issues to reduced vitality. Often when people experience various issues at the same time, they can be held back from traditional methods of treatment. With regenerative therapy, people of all ages and all health backgrounds may qualify. Because we target your immune system, your body repairs issues simultaneously. This means the potential for a faster recovery and results that last longer.

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Let Us Get To Know You

We want to know all about your health goals. This is why we offer a free consultation to all of our patients. This allows us to match our techniques to your needs perfectly. It also allows you the opportunity to ask questions and get any additional support you may need. So please, contact our providers near Garland and see why regenerative therapy is the changing lives across the country.

Staying Fit And Healthy In Garland

It is always a good practice to keep your body moving even into your later years. Both cardiovascular and strength programs can help you improve muscle mass, maintain bone density, and make sure that your metabolism does not slow. Plus, exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel good and give you energy for the long term. Start out by incorporating at least 30 minutes of brisk exercise three to four times a week to begin and then expanding that once you gain stamina. A few gyms and studios to look at include:

Texas Family Fitness: a solid gym with classes for all ages

Planet Fitness: a great economical option if you prefer to work out solo and don’t want the class experience

3Q Fitness CrossFit Garland: A focus on powerlifting and strength workouts

Rojas Muay Thai: Learn self-defense while getting fit

Enjoying Garland’s Natural Beauty
Elderly Garland couple jogging happily
One of the best things you can do for both body and mind is spending time in the outdoors. Outdoor activity helps release stress and lowers your blood pressure. Plus, getting out for a hike with friends and family is an excellent way to get your exercise while enjoying each other’s company. These are a few of our favorite outdoor spots in the area:

Spring Creek Forest Preserve Nature Trail

Duck Creek Golf Course

Duck Creek Greenbelt

Katy Trail

Spring Creek Park

Lake Ray Hubbard

You Are What You Eat

Our diet impacts our health immensely. Our food becomes the very tissues of our body, and not all food is created equal. Whether you are dining out or eating at home, consider:

The frequency you eat: More small meals, as opposed to one or two large meals, allows the body to have consistent blood sugar levels

Try organic: Many additives and pesticides used on conventional produce can cause bad reactions. For a low-chemical diet, try organic

Unsaturated over saturated fats: Swap out fats like hydrogenated oils for healthy fats like those that come from avocados, fish, and legumes.

Some of our favorite spots to eat in Garland are:

Lito’s Kitchen

Main Street Deli

Flower Child

Modern Market Eatery

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