Why Us?

Why Choose R3 Stem Cell International in Pakistan?



Here are the Top 8 Reasons to choose R3 Stem Cell International in Pakistan for you and your loved one’s stem cell treatment.


1. R3 Stem Cell in the US has been the leader in regenerative therapies with over 15,000 procedures performed. Now we are offering the same high level of service in Pakistan.


2. R3 has never had a significant adverse event in 8 years (since inception).



3. The stem cell biologics come from an FDA Certified Lab with incredible safety standards.  The stem cell biologics are extremely potent and powerful. They work very well for MANY different conditions.





4. Each treatment includes millions of live stem cells and billions of exosomes, with patient investment being less than half what it cost in the US! Peer reviewed research is showing us that most conditions require millions of live stem cells for the best outcomes. That is exactly what we offer!


5. R3 has the option of using pre-differentiated stem cells for your condition, meaning that those regenerative cells will hone in to where they are needed in larger numbers and work more effectively.



6. The doctors providing your stem cell therapy utilize customized protocols that have performed over fifteen thousand times safely and effectively. The workup for your procedure will be individually planned, and those protocols have been approved by an accredited Institutional Review Board (IRB).


7. You will receive a VIP Escort for your trip and be chaperoned at all times if desired.


8. The full treatment includes millions of live cells including a multivitamin infusion and may  be performed IV, Injection, Intrathecal, Nebulizer or Intranasal. It depends on your condition(s) and what will produce the best outcomes. Most stem cell centers offer either a dead treatment (no live cells), or treatment with your own stem cells (bone marrow or adipose). These treatments are not nearly as effective as utilizing the young, potent, powerful stem cells that are present in umbilical cord tissue!








Stem Cell Doctors Offering Stem Cell Therapy by Injection and IV for only $2950!