Headaches and Migraines

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Headaches come in different types and although not all headaches feel the same, they are all characterized by pain in the head. Headaches are classified into two main categories and these are based on the symptoms and causes. Symptom-based headaches also known as primary headache disorders include tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. Headaches categorized by their causes are known as secondary headache disorders could be as a result of injury, substance abuse, and withdrawal, infections as well as various ailments.


Stem Cell Therapy for Migraines

Difference between Headaches and Migraines


Although many people know that there is a difference between these two types of headaches, the difference is not very clear. Unlike migraines, headaches do not come with a myriad of symptoms. Some of the major causes of headaches include injury, tension, or ailments such as flu.


Migraines on the other hand are mainly felt on one side of the head. They are often accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to noise and light. A migraine is worsened with physical activity and unlike normal headaches; migraines can last for a few hours and even go on for days. That said, the pain is not continuous and there are periods of relief in between the attack. Various factors trigger migraines and this could be hormonal or lifestyle-related.


Symptoms of Headaches and Migraines


There are different types of headaches and each comes with their unique set of symptoms. With tension headaches, the pain is usually mild to moderate and tends to feel more like pressure. This pain is felt on the temples, the front, and top as well.  There are chronic headaches that are prolonged and can vary in intensity as well.


Headaches can cause muscle aches, fatigue, inability to concentrate irritability, and difficulty sleeping. Migraines are just like headaches though they are mostly moderate to severe. Migraines affect the whole head though they normally shift from one side to another. Patients with migraines suffer from blurred vision, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, bright flashes, and in rare cases they could even develop a fever.


Treatment of Headaches and Migraines


Stem Cell Therapy for HeadachesHeadache management is simple and most of the time over-the-counter medication works just fine. With migraines, treatment is a bit more complex and there are three ways to treat migraines. There is preventative care to help prevent migraine attacks and acute treatment which is reactive, as it treats the attack when it begins. There is also rescue treatment which basically means dealing with the attack when acute treatment fails.


Besides medication, headaches and migraines could also be managed with mechanical pain relief and this includes applying heat or cold packs on the headache area. Applying pressure on the pulse points especially in the head could help provide relief.


Massage and reflexology have also been highly useful in treating headaches. Treatment such as biofeedback and Botox injections can be also used to treat migraines.


Stem Cell Therapy

for Headaches and Migraines


Migraine patients may gain relief thanks to stem cell therapy. Stem cell treatment normally works when the stem cells are injected into the body via an intra-arterial manner so they reach the brain in a higher concentration.


The cells develop into healthy blood cells which then replace the unhealthy blood cells in the body. Stem cell therapy can be a great alternative to the many migraine and headache treatments available.


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