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Traditional liver failure treatment is often simply meant to suppress symptoms, but doesn’t actually regenerate the damaged tissue. The R3 Stem Cell regenerative procedures can be performed quickly with no patient harvesting, no down time and fast relief. No need for time off work!

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Using Stem Cells to Treat Liver Failure


As medical research continues to explore new frontiers, more and more possibilities are becoming available for everyday people. One of the most promising treatments available nowadays is the use of stem cell therapy to help bring about good health in people.


Stem cell therapy has been used to help people with everything from Crohn’s disease to heart health. One of the other areas that stem cells have shown great results is for the treatment of liver failure and liver damage. 


This article explores the different uses of stem cell therapy for managing liver failure or chronic liver disease.


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?


Stem cell therapy is very unique compared to every other treatment available.


Stem cell therapy at R3 Stem Cell Pakistan involves taking cells from umbilical cord tissue that has been processed at an FDA regulated lab, and implanting them into the patient with liver disease. Modern medicine has shown through extensive research that not only are umbilical cord stem cell products safe for use in non-related individuals, they are also showing exceptional results in the vast majority of patients! 


Stem cells are unique in a way that they can adapt to different roles. A ‘basic’ stem cell is hard to distinguish from another one. However, once stem cells are ‘triggered,’ they can begin to take on a specific role, known as differentiation. This may include turning into a hepatocyte, which is a liver cell.


Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Failure & Liver Disease


The liver is one of the biggest organs in the body. It is also one of the most capable of self-regeneration. However, in the case of serious liver disease, the liver fails. This means that it is unable to regenerate itself and unable to perform its duties.


In this case, most people would require a liver transplant. These transplants can help to fight liver cancer, liver failure, and other problems associated with the liver that surpass its ability to regenerate. However, liver transplants are not readily available! There are potential complications too, along with the fact there are usually significant medications that patients have to take for life. They are immunosuppressive medications that are expensive and may lead to infections.


While umbilical cord stem cell therapy is an amazing treatment option for many types of liver failure, in addition, there is also a promising stem cell treatment involving the use of extracellular vesicles. These are extremely small units called exosomes. These nanoparticles are secreted by stem cells and work by promoting cell to cell communication.


These particles are able to help improve the health of liver tissue. It is also believed that they may help to improve the overall health of the liver as well as increasing its ability to repair and regenerate itself.


The use of stem cells for treating liver disease is still in the very early stages. However, more and more researchers are working together to design a process in which stem cells and their vesicles can be used to help improve cases of liver failure and liver disease. R3 Stem Cell International has brought these treatments into clinical reality, with results that are exceptional and safe!


This presents people with the potential for treating liver disease and liver failure without having to go through the lengthy, expensive process of a liver transplant.


Here is a compilation of research studies that have shown outstanding results using stem cells for treating liver disease for both effectiveness and having NO serious side effects:


stem cell therapy liver failure Pakistan


Here are the main conclusions from an individual study evaluation acute on chronic liver failure treatment with umbilical cord stem cells.




Stem cell therapy is a novel treatment that involves implanting stem cells into a living human. Stem cell therapy may be able to help people who struggle with chronic liver disease and liver failure. These stem cells secrete particles that may help to improve the health of the liver and its ability to regenerate itself. 

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