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There are many forms of heart disease that can affect people of all ages. The heart requires a regular supply of oxygenated blood, which it then pumps throughout the body. If the heart is unable to receive the blood or oxygen that it needs, it loses its ability to function.


When the heart does not receive blood or oxygen, the tissue of the heart can become damaged. Scars may form in the area, which can impair the function of the heart. If this continues to happen over time, chronic heart disease may occur as a result.

Heart disease can be difficult to treat. However, research is beginning to reveal that stem cells may be helpful in assisting people who struggle with heart disease. This article will explain some of this research.


Stem Cells – Approach


One of the issues with stem cell research is that there is a lot of conflicting information available. Some studies reveal that stem cell therapy is a viable option for treating a variety of illnesses, whereas others seem to disagree and suggest that stem cell therapy is ineffective.


All that this says for certain is that stem cell therapy is a relatively new area of research. There have certainly been some positive results in the field, and these positive results have led medical researchers around the globe to recognize the importance of using stem cells to treat medical problems such as heart disease.


Using Stem Cells for Heart Disease


The basics of stem cell therapy are simple enough to understand.


Stem cells are harvested from an organism. These cells are then implanted into the sick person. The stem cells continue to function by reproducing – just like healthy cells. This can help to repair damaged tissue and restore good health to organs that are not functioning properly.


In the case of heart disease, stem cells are often withdrawn from the bone marrow of another human being. These cells are then injected directly into the heart where they will begin to reproduce. The theory behind this is that they will continue to grow into healthy heart tissue.


While there have been some positive results from the use of stem cell therapy for heart disease, there are also some potential risks to be aware of.

Much like the risk that one faces when receiving an organ transplant, there is always the possibility that the body’s immune system will reject the stem cells. There may also be a struggle when the implanted cells attempt to communicate with the cells that are already present.


That said, most of the reports of stem cell therapy being used to treat heart disease have been quite safe. The current verdict is that stem cells are capable and very useful in treating heart disease. Stem cell therapy for people with heart disease can change the course of their life. Stem cell therapy shows positive results in many ways, and with continued research, any condition and disease would be a thing of the past. 


Stem cell therapy is a viable tool for treating heart disease. Stem cells can be implanted into the heart where they will continue to grow into healthy heart tissue.


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