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Stem Cell Therapy for COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis and Lung Disease in Pakistan – Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi


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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, is a progressive lung disease. As the condition gets worse, it becomes more and more difficult for patients to breathe. The condition is not uncommon, with more than 15 million Americans struggling with COPD and many millions worldwide. While pulmonary fibrosis is not as common, it just as commonly leads to difficulty breathing and potential need for supplementary oxygen and medications.


COPD is usually a blanket term that refers to a more specific lung condition – most often bronchitis or emphysema. Some people struggle with both conditions at the same time. In either case, COPD presents uncomfortable symptoms that can impair your quality of life.


One of the biggest issues facing people with COPD and pulmonary fibrosis is that there is currently no known cure.


However, recent research and R3’s broad experience has shown us that stem cell therapy may be an amazing option for people who are hoping to manage their COPD or fibrosis.


What Are Stem Cells?


It’s important to understand how stem cells function if you want to know how they can help treat lung disease. There are a few basic things to be aware of.stem cell lung disease Pakistan


  • Stem cells are present and vital in every living creature.
  • Stem cells can regenerate and reproduce.
  • Stem cells are unique because they can differentiate themselves and take on specific functions, making them versatile for treating a variety of problems.
  • Stem cells can be implanted into different organisms where they will continue to perform their basic function.


Stem cells are obtained from a variety of sources. At R3 International, they are obtained from umbilical cord tissue of consenting donors after a scheduled c-section. The process is FDA regulated in the US, and no harm occurs to baby or mother. Umbilical cord tissue obtains many millions of stem cells, growth factors, cytokines and other regenerative elements.


How Can Stem Cells Help COPD and Fibrosis?


There are a few reasons that stem cells might be useful for helping people who struggle with COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis. Patients often struggle with inflammation in the lungs and may have damaged tissue in the lungs. 


Unfortunately, stem cells are NOT going to undo scar tissue. But they can assist with helping existing lung tissue function much better. Also, they can significantly slow down more scar tissue from forming!


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These are the ways in which medical researchers believe that stem cell therapy may help improve COPD.


  • Stem cells, especially mesenchymal cells, are known to reduce inflammation. In the case of COPD, this can help to improve breathing.
  • Stem cells help to rejuvenate and regenerate tissue. For COPD patients, they could help to restore health to some damaged lung tissue. As mentioned, it’s not going to “undo” scar tissue.
  • Stem cells may help to produce new blood vessels in the lungs. This would increase blood flow into the lungs and oxygen flow out of the lungs, making it easier to oxygenate the body.


Conclusion – Is Stem Cell Therapy Viable for COPD?


At R3 International, stem cell therapy has shown itself to be an extremely safe procedure, and effective in over 85% of patients. This may lead to improved breathing, ability to walk farther, and an ability to really enjoy life again!

Since inception, R3 has successfully performed stem cell therapy on over 15,000 patients. Call us today to see if you or a loved one is a candidate at +1 (888) 988-0515!


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