Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in PAKISTAN

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Pakistan


R3 Stem Cell International  has made its therapies in Pakistan extremely cost effective for patients, especially when taking into consideration the amount of stem cells offered per procedure. Our treatments start at only $2500 US Dollars, and are customized to each patient’s individual needs. All in all, the total investment per patient ends up being less than HALF what it would be in the US!



If someone has a chronic illness and desires stem cell therapy in Pakistan, the research into options for treatment can be very confusing. The reason is that the cost of stem cell therapy in Pakistan is not “apples to apples” between different clinics you may be considering.


Here’s why. To obtain stem cell treatment in the United States for a chronic condition such as diabetes or kidney failure, the cost may exceed $10,000 or even $20,000. R3 International has made a commitment to bring top notch umbilical cord stem cell therapy to Pakistan in a VERY cost effective manner.


Treatment with biologics at R3 Stem Cell International in Pakistan is different in several aspects. One is that the biologics come from an FDA Certified lab in the United States that abides by strict safety regulations. In addition, every method is used to ensure the amount of live stem cells is maximized by using minimal preservative, no radiation, and no animal reagents.


Chronic disease conditions typically need high cell counts for optimal effectiveness. Along with the stem cell counts, there are also a considerable amount of exosomes, growth factors, cytokines and secretomes.


Why Stem Cell Therapy Cost in PAKISTAN at R3 International is AMAZING

Let me explain why you will NOT find a better stem cell treatment center available in Pakistan, India, China or anywhere else. Mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells provide incredible therapy for many conditions. While not a cure, they typically increase one’s quality of life dramatically by improving the condition tremendously.


Here’s a Top Ten list of why R3 International in Pakistan is your best option:


1. The investment for stem cell treatment is approximately 50 to 70% less than what you would pay in the United States.


2. The quality assurance standards abide by those of the FDA in the US. The lab is not only Certified by the FDA, but the biologics have a pristine safety record.









3. The stem cells are cultured very safely and are kept below the 5th generation to ensure potency.


4. MAJOR POINT: R3’s Centers in the US have performed over 15,000 safe and effective treatments. This means that R3 has developed considerable “buying power”, so the cost of treatment is much less as a result.


5. Our experienced stem cell doctors in Pakistan have successfully performed many cases, with exceptional results. We have over 17 protocols for patients with various conditions.


6. We offer VIP Escort transportation from the airport to the clinic in Rawalpindi. Our patient concierge rep is bilingual, friendly and will escort you to treatment too. She will also arrange lodging for you.


Stem Cell Therapy Pakistan


7. Intrathecal is offered too. This is often the best option for those who need to receive stem cells in the brain for conditions like dementia, Lyme disease, Autism, Parkinsons, post stroke. R3 International has experienced anesthesiologists who provide safe intrathecal administration when necessary for the best central nervous system penetration.


8. You will get the necessary amount of stem cells. Keep in mind that chronic conditions often need significant stem cells and exosomes for maximum effectiveness. After your virtual or in person consultation, our licensed stem cell doctors will advise the necessary treatment protocol.


9. Viability of cells – this typically exceeds 80% because minimal cryopreservative is used.


10. Experience– this is a huge point! R3’s experience in the US and internationally has led to protocols that are very effective.


While stem cell procedure cost in Pakistan is VERY important, so is the most important variable that you need to get what you deserve and are investing in. R3 International in Pakistan cares very deeply about your outcome and will work closely with you to ensure it’s satisfactory.









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