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The Top Skin Lightening Treatment in Pakistan

Throughout Asia, skin lightening treatment has become a desirable treatment. R3 Anti Aging offers the skin whitening treatment in Karachi and Islamabad with first rate options.


First of all, let’s mention options that people should stay away from. Steroid creams that lighten skin unfortunately tend to remove collagen from the skin as well. This may be inexpensive, but it leads to significant other problems such as eczema, thin skin and a hollow appearance to the face. Bottom line- AVOID STEROID CREAMS FOR SKIN LIGHTENING!


R3 Anti Aging and Stem Cell offers IV skin whitening therapies using Glutathione and Vitamin C. Not only does glutathione work amazingly well as an anti-oxidant that helps with anti-aging, the benefits also include skin lightening. And it does not have the side effects like cortisone (steroid) creams have.

The treatments are offered as a package, with IV glutathione sessions weekly over 4 to 6 weeks. There are also masks offered to enhance the lightening along with glutathione creams. R3 Anti Aging also offers laser therapies for the face which have a whitening effect too.


The SkinBright package offered by R3 Anti Aging in Karachi and Islamabad includes several treatments which together have been extremely effective for skin whitening. In addition to being effective, they have also been very safe without long term complications such as those with the steroid creams.


If you would like to receive a free consultation to see if skin lightening with SkinBright at R3 is for you, please call us today!