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Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Fall in Pakistan

For a long time, hair fall treatment consisted of Minoxidil or other medications that sort of worked. They do not provide dramatic outcomes, and take a VERY long time to work!


R3 Anti Aging & Stem Cell now is offering a revolutionary hair fall treatment with stem cells to restore hair and self confidence along with it. Let me explain how it works.


People lose their hair for any number of reasons. Whether due to aging or genetics, men typically start to lose hair starting in their 20’s and it gets progressively worse every year. Daily medications may help, but what is really desired is to initiate new hair formation.


If one’s hair follicle is intact but not producing hair, then a person is a perfect candidate for stem cell hair restoration. The stem cells will initiate hair production, and counteract the ongoing hair loss while also contributing to new hair formation.

R3 Anti Aging and Stem Cell has been successfully offering the regenerative therapy for hair fall for a decade globally. R3 has 45 locations in six countries, with its headquarters being in the USA.


All of the stem cell technology for R3 comes from the USA, and the techniques used were originated in the USA as well. The stem cell biologics are processed in an FDA registered lab with ISO certification and maintaining cGMP compliance. This is the highest level of screening and quality assurance seen worldwide!


The procedure takes less than an hour and includes a combination of stem cells derived from umbilical cord tissue, along with using the patient’s own blood as well. R3 has a proprietary technique of using photoactivation on the blood to activate the stem cells that are normally inactive.

Losing one’s hair can have significant effects on confidence and self-esteem. So it makes sense to stop the progressive hair fall and actually reverse it for both men and women. The procedure itself takes an hour, and typically needs to be repeated about every 6 months. For women experiencing hair fall, stem cell therapy  has been an immensely satisfying option.


The treatment’s benefits are seen within 2-3 months afterwards and continue to get better and better with successive sessions. R3 Anti Aging and Stem Cell has two locations in Pakistan including Karachi and Islamabad. Call us today for your free consultation for stem cell hair fall treatment!