Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy in Chicagoland


Amniotic stem cell therapy has been one of the most amazing advancements of the 21st century in medicine. Why?
There are actually several reasons why amniotic derived stem cell treatment is a humongous step forward.

1. The first is that the fluid is immunologically privileged. This means a rejection reaction by one’s body is not seen. Amniotic Stem Cell TherapyPeople who get concerned about receiving someone else’s fluid should be relieved at the lack of any rejection reaction.


2. The second reason is the fluid is processed at an FDA regulated lab. It goes through significant disease testing along with processing so that it is remarkably safe. Once the processing is complete, the amniotic fluid is cryogenically frozen until ready for use.


3. Amniotic fluid contains a great concentration of stem cells, which helps dramatically with repair and regeneration of damaged cartilage, tendon, ligament and bone. In addition, the fluid is rich with hyaluronic acid, which is the component of Synvisc and other Viscosupplementation injections.


4. There are a large amount of growth factors in the fluid, and it is also antimicrobial to help prevent infectiStem Cell Therapy Scottsdale AZon. All in all, the fluid contains an incredible amount of elements that help patients avoid the need for surgery. This may include avoiding rotator cuff repair, hip & knee replacement, surgery for chronic tennis elbow and more.
5. NO Ethical Issues: With the ethical issues from the past concerning embryonic stem cells and aborted fetuses, it is crucial to understand NONE of those are issues with amniotic stem cells. The fluid is harvested from consenting donors who are undergoing a scheduled C-section. Normally, the placenta is discarded after the birth. The donor is compensated and the fluid is taken away by certified technicians and handled in a sterile fashion.


All in All, amniotic stem cell therapy has been an amazing advancement for all types of musculoskeletal conditions. With minimal risk and excellent potential, the therapy is very popular.

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