Bone Marrow Stem Cell Procedure Used for Joint and Soft Tissue Treatment

The use of bone marrow stem cells in treating joint problems is becoming more common. This is due to the fact that this procedure, which is relatively new, is less intrusive than other methods and many patients have found success with it. Overall, the procedure is low risk with results that are usually excellent for degenerative arthritis, sports injuries, overuse injuries, tendonitis, ligament injury and more!

How It Worksbone marrow aspiration

When the body needs to repair itself naturally, then stem cells, which are present at all times, are called upon to foster the process. As we get older and suffer various injuries, the body’s ability to repair itself is reduced. The idea behind stem cell therapy is simple. By using concentrated doses of stem cells and introducing them into the injured area, it can boost the body’s ability to repair itself more fully and quicker.

Bone Marrow Stem Cell Process

The procedure for harvesting of bone marrow stem cells is very similar to that utilized for taking a bone marrow biopsy. The procedure starts with the Arizona stem cell doctor numbing the area from which powerful mesenchymal stem cells will be withdrawn. Patients who undergo the procedure, which is called a bone marrow aspirate, note that it causes mild discomfort during the 15 minute process.

Stem Cell therapy Phoenix AZOnce harvested, the patient’s bone marrow is placed into a sterile container and spun in a centrifuge for 15 minutes. This concentrates the stem cells and growth factors. Once processing is complete, the cells are injected into the area needing repair.  In order to optimize accuracy, the stem cell doctor in Phoenix may use either real time fluoroscopy or musculoskeletal ultrasound to inject the cells.

Specifically Calibrated and Formulated

One important aspect of bone marrow stem cell therapy is the fact that the injection can be specifically formulated in order to treat a specific area and injury. It does not have to be a one size fits all procedure. The amount of stem cell material can be increased or decreased, and PRP therapy can be added if necessary. Additionally, as stem cell therapy is further developed, it’s anticipated that it can become even more refined, and, thus, more effective.

Safe and Effective

The procedure for bone marrow stem cell therapy is, overall, low risk and effective. It involves some discomfort, but it is in no way painful. Plus, the injection, which is composed of natural elements found in your body, is very safe. pain relief3

This is a way of helping the body heal itself quickly. There have been numerous recent studies showing the ability of bone marrow derived stem cells to work well for cartilage defects, degenerative arthritis, sports injuries and all types of musculoskeletal conditions.

When someone undergoes bone marrow stem cell therapy, they often find that the injured area will experience the benefits associated with the body’s natural healing process enhanced in terms of quickness and completeness. Many are discovering that this procedure offers the healing solution that they have been seeking.


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