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The Top Exosome Distributor in the USA is Regen Suppliers

The Top Exosome Distributor in the USA is Regen Suppliers

Exosomes, which are a type of extracellular vesicle, have become extremely popular in the United States over the past few years. There are several reasons for this, which are explained below. The top exosome distributor and supplier in the USA is Regen Suppliers, which offers both liquid and lyophilized versions. The product name is ReBellaXO, or ReBellaXOL for the lyophilized variety (this means freeze dried powder).

Exosomes are nano-sized, lipid bound vesicles that are produced by cells. In the human body, they are seen in lung fluid, plasma, urine, semen, breast milk, essentially any cellular secretion fluid. They are 100 times smaller than a typical cell, such as a stem cell. The size of exosomes goes by nanometers, and the usual sizing is between 30nm and 130nm.

It’s important to note that exosomes are not cells. They do not have a nucleus, and they cannot replicate like a cell does.

Because exosomes can be a secretion of really any cell, they are not identical. They may contain very different growth factors, cytokines, mRNA, peptides and nucleic acid combinations. The best exosome products that are on the market today come from mesenchymal stem cells, and that is what Regen Suppliers distributes.

The exosomes that Regen Suppliers provides originate from umbilical cord tissue that is obtained after a scheduled c-section. The donors are rigorously screened per FDA regulations, and the tissue is also tested per requirements for all types of contaminants and communicable disease.

The umbilical cord derived exosomes that Regen Suppliers offers are highly concentrated, with approximately 15 billion per cc vial. The liquid exosomes come in either 1cc or 2cc vials and are shipped on dry ice. Regen Suppliers also offers lyophilized exosomes, which are freeze dried and come in a 5cc vial.

Why are exosomes so popular? As a topical treatment, exosomes have become incredibly popular for aesthetics. Multiple studies have shown their effectiveness for accelerating collagen production. As aesthetic practices have noticed the impressive results, they are offering them more and more for patients.

In addition, providers tell us that more patients come in actually requesting topical treatment with exosomes. Word of mouth has been impressive for exosome popularity!

Because exosomes are acellular, the storage requirements are easier. The liquid exosomes can be stored in a refrigerator and be fine for 30 days, or in a regular freezer for a year. At room temperature they are ok for 2-3 weeks.

The lyophilized exosomes are good at room temperature for a year. They may also be refrigerated, which theoretically leads to a larger number of active elements. 

Why should you get exosomes from Regen Suppliers?

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