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Stem Cell Therapy for Cervicalgia (Neck Pain)

Stem Cell Therapy for Cervicalgia (Neck Pain)

Cervicalgia happens when you have a pain in the neck that may extend towards the head, arms, or body. You may experience minor neck pain that goes away after a few days. However, your pain can be so extreme that you experience constant discomfort that may last for a while.

The cervical spine is an important and complex structure that is made up of muscles, discs, vertebrae, joints, and ligaments that are intended to support the head. Defects such as ligament tear, cervical disc herniation or degeneration, and fracture can lead to neck and upper body pain and deranged function.

Causes of cervicalgia

Anyone who has experienced neck pain, whether a minor or severe one will tell you that it isn’t a good experience. Cervicalgia may have many different causes, some of the most common causes include:

  1. Injuries

Injuries from a car accident, fall from height, and the likes are some of the most common causes of cervicalgia. These injuries can cause whiplash because the head can be forced to move rapidly in different directions, and go beyond the neck’s typical range of movement. When this happens, it can result in a severe impact on the neck which ends up in pain, stiffness, and weakness.

  1. Age

Certain diseases like degenerative disc diseases and osteoarthritis are common among the aged population. These diseases cause the joints and other parts of the body to become worn out and lose elasticity. When this happens, bulging discs may occur and lead to conditions like cervicalgia.

  1. Lifestyle changes

A sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activities, smoking, and poor sleeping and eating habits can lead to conditions that can affect the body in different ways. From obesity and weak abdominal muscles to poor posture, you can experience stiffness and pain in your neck. Poor lifestyle choices can put a strain on your neck and cause long-term discomfort if it’s not taken care of.

  1. Medical conditions

Chronic diseases or medical conditions can cause pain and discomfort in your body, including the neck. When this happens, you should take the cervicalgia seriously, as it may lead to more serious conditions like a fracture or spinal infection.

Stem cell therapy for severe neck pain

Bone marrow stem cell therapy can be used to provide an all-inclusive treatment for neck pain and injuries. Stem cell therapy is effective for providing long-lasting pain relief for pain and ailments of different kinds and improving the quality of life in almost no time.

If you are or have suffered neck pain at any point, and have tried other forms of treatments without much improvement, then, bone marrow stem cell therapy may be the treatment for you.

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