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Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Regenerative therapies with growth factors, cytokines, exosomes and stem cells represent cutting edge options that are on the cusp of mainstream deployment. The ethical concerns over fetal involvement have been eliminated with the latest procedures that either use the patient’s own tissue elements (blood, adipose or bone marrow), amniotic fluid or umbilical cord tissue collected from consenting donors after scheduled C-sections.

Stem cells maintain the capability of differentiating into various cell lines such as tendon, cartilage, muscle, skin, bone. All of the regenerative therapies offered at R3 harness one’s body’s existing reparative processes for the regeneration of the damaged tissue.
Currently, there are four regenerative procedure options available to help harness the body’s repair with tendonitis, tendinosis, ligament injury, and extremity and spinal arthritis treatment. For more information on each of the various stem cell injection options offered at R3 Stem Cell Clinics, simply click on any of the following:
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