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The Annual $1500 R3 Stem Cell Scholarship Award Opportunity – Deadline 12/31/2021


We have selected our 2020 award winner — Congratulations Megan L.!


Since 2019, R3 Stem Cell has been proud to offer a yearly scholarship award to one college-bound or currently-enrolled college student. In an effort to encourage continuing education and motivation for success, R3 Stem Cell will now make it a regular annual opportunity for one student each year to obtain this $1500 scholarship. If you are a student that is pursuing options for academic assistance and also interested in regenerative medicine and its many potential health applications, this could be a great scholarship option for consideration!


The Purpose of the R3 Stem Cell Scholarship

This new scholarship opportunity will not only help promote regenerative medicine and alternative therapies, it will also allow us to assist a talented young student to pursue his or her studies. Our yearly scholarship contribution provides a new avenue for us to give back to the ever-progressing academic community, while investing in young minds who are the cornerstone to the future of the stem cell field. Our primary goal for aspiring students is for them to realize their importance and impact they can have with their educational success through investments like ours and others who share our same passion.


R3 Stem Cell Scholarship Qualifications

– Applicants must be an American citizen and at least 18 years of age.

– Must possess a current grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher.

– Have documented acceptance at a university, accredited college or community college, or can show proof of current enrollment at a university, an accredited college or community college.

– Write a 100% unique essay with a minimum of 1000 words and submit by the December 31, 2020 deadline.

– Meet the R3 Stem Cell Scholarship regulations and follow the submission requirements detailed below.


How to Apply for the R3 Stem Cell Scholarship

In order to apply for the yearly R3 Stem Cell Scholarship, students must first confirm eligibility with the above qualifications. Those that meet these requirements will then need to create a 100% unique essay with a minimum of 1000 words and submit the completed document with enrollment verification no later than 5:00pm of December 31, 2021. The completed essay should be proofread to ensure there are no grammatical errors, as this is part of the grading process to determine the winner.


Essay Topic

Eligible applicants should submit a 1000+ word essay that focuses on the topic:


How do you foresee stem cells affecting human life and health 10 years from now?


Essays will only be accepted as a document attachment and should be sent to:

– The subject line of the essay submission should say: “R3 Stem Cell Scholarship Submission”

In order to be accepted, essay submissions must include the following:

– Full birth name of eligible student

– Full date of birth

– Documented proof of a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) or higher

One of the two options listed below:

– Enrollment documentation proof at an accredited college, accredited community college or university.

– Documented acceptance proof at an accredited college, accredited community college or university.


R3 Stem Cell Scholarship Regulations

– Essay submissions may only be written by the applicant and must be 100% unique. Any type or form of plagiarism will result in the applicant’s permanent disqualification.

– Essay submissions will be automatically rejected after 5:00pm PST on or after December 31, 2021.

– Essay submissions which do not include all requirements that are listed above or that fail to meet the eligibility specifications will be rejected.

– The R3 Stem Cell Scholarship may be revoked at any time if R3 or the school board determine the winner didn’t abide or broke any of these regulations/qualifications.


R3 Stem Cell Scholarship Award & Acknowledgement

– The R3 Stem Cell Scholarship award determination will be based on: confirmation of 100% unique content, topic and context originality, proper punctuation and grammar, vocabulary selection and word choice, and essay length of at least 1000+ words.

– No later than January 15, 2022, the R3 Stem Cell Scholarship will be announced and the winner contacted to confirm their award.

– After the annual R3 Stem Cell Scholarship award winner is announced, the staff at R3 will send a $1500 check to the college, community college or university of the winner’s selection. This will occur no later than 30 days from the date that the winner was first announced.

– Each annual winner of the R3 Stem Cell Scholarship will have either their name or initials (determined by the winner) added to this page on permanent display starting this 2020.

The 2019 R3 Stem Cell Scholarship Award Acknowledgement: CONGRATULATIONS Madalyn M. of Aberdeen, WA!


The 2020 R3 Stem Cell Scholarship Award Acknowledgement: CONGRATULATIONS Megan L. of San Diego, CA!


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