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FAQ’s on Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Procedures

Regenerative Medicine is therapy designed to repair and regenerate damaged musculoskeletal tissue such as tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone. Traditionally, when an injury occurs to these tissues and pain results, nonoperative pain management offers a “band aid” approach to mask pain. And when some sort of healing does occur in a ligament or tendon, it does not result in a 100% healing back to its native state.


Stem cells are made by the body’s bone marrow and are able to differentiate into several different cell types. They are a veritable “blank slate”. They can replicate into more unspecialized stem cells, or they may react to the environment in which they are placed by receiving signals from that environment telling them which differentiation “pathway” to go down. This may be to turn into a skin cell or muscle, cartilage, tendon, bone, red blood cell and many others. By ramping up production of the cells needed to stimulate repair, having extra supply in the area can provide the difference between an inadequate result and one that regenerates perfectly.
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