Indications for Treatment at R3 Stem Cell International in India

Stem Cell Therapy at R3 International Centers of Excellence in India is offered for over 50 conditions, including organ failure, neurologic, orthopedic, systemic, autoimmune, diabetes and more. Rather than just masking pain like a proverbial “band aid”, these stem cell and exosome therapies have the capability to actually repair the degenerative and damaged tissue

“I’m feeling good already, it was a blessing I found you guys and had the procedure done!


“The doctor and Staff took excellent care of us on every detail. Excellent people and excellent delivery of the whole experience. We felt great personal care in every aspect of our visit!” John S, Canada


“Just got my shots 2 days ago. Got shots on my 2 shoulders, 2 knees, and right hip. The only pain I have are from the shots but they were tolerable. The doctor and staff were great, informative, and professional. Spent some time getting to know the doctor and I like his approach to life–from his dedication to his family, his belief of doing good to everyone/your neighbor, and his continuous research to stay ahead in his profession (he is currently writing a book on the subject as well).” EL, India


“I just want to let you  know that my recovery has been nothing short of miraculous. I cannot believe this worked as well as it did. It’s like 20 years were taken off!.” DW, Singapore

First Rate Stem Cell Therapy in India with options for Injection, IV, Intrathecal, Nebulizer and Intranasal too!