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Anti-Aging Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Anti-Aging Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

The myth of the fountain of youth has been around for as long as humans have been alive.  It seems since the oldest of times; humans have been obsessed with eternal life and youth.  Looking and feeling young seems to become more and more a topic of conversation every year that passes.  Perhaps it is because, for the first time, appearing younger than one’s actual age is a very attainable goal thanks to regenerative medicine.  There are many ways regenerative medicine can help the human body, and one of those ways comes in the form of anti-aging benefits.

Thanks to modern medicine such as antibiotics and other medications, humans are now living longer than ever.  While this is an improvement in lifespan compared to the past, our next goal is to get humans to live healthy and long lives, not just long lives while being unhealthy at the end.  Currently, as people age, arthritis, sagging skin, and degenerative neurological diseases seem to be common later in life.  However, regenerative medicine has offered ways to combat the natural aging process and help people live longer and youthful lives.

Aging is a complicated process, but it is something all humans go through.  Free radicals, sun damage, hormones, and normal wear and tear are the main culprits of aging.  Personal decisions such as smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy, and avoiding exercise can speed up the aging process.  As damage accumulates in the body, aging becomes more apparent.  In many cases, as the body ages and breaks down, it becomes impossible to repair fully.  For example, as our joints take on normal wear and tear, arthritis may form requiring a total joint replacement.  In many cases, this joint replacement does not fully eliminate pain and ends up limiting the patient from their normal range of motion.

A proper diet, regular exercise, and refraining from smoking and drinking are all-natural ways to ensure your body stays as young as possible.  However, there have been studies done that show regenerative medicine may be able to fix the damage people have done to their bodies throughout their lifetimes.  The scientific community is hopeful that in the future, anti-aging drugs will be available that target dead cells that have stopped dividing remove these cells, and allow healthy cells to keep dividing as normal.  Aging is a process that occurs on a cellular level, and through regenerative medicine, may be able to be paused or even reversed one day.

Regenerative medicine offers hope for a lot of different ailments.  Aging is the one “ailment” that all people will experience in their life at some point.  Even the healthiest people, who eat balanced meals, exercise regularly and do not drink or smoke will eventually show signs of aging.  There is currently a significant amount of research being done on the benefits of regenerative medicine and learning how it can pause or reverse aging on a cellular level.  Most people aim to live long, healthy, and youthful lives, and regenerative medicine may be able to help them do just that.

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