How it work

R3 Stem Cell has developed Centers of Excellence that provide exceptional, cost effective regenerative medicine treatments for several conditions. Why? Over the past few years, several hundred individuals have traveled to R3’s Centers of Excellence to receive top notch treatment from our specialists.

After the incredible success of the regenerative therapies combined with the compassionate bedside manner and expertise of the providers, R3 has responded by now packaging the travel logistics into the Concierge Program. All arrangements for travel and treatment are handled under the Program by R3, so that patients can focus on simply getting better.

The R3 Travel Concierge Program (TCP) involves five steps:


  1. Phone Consultation – Free, No Obligation, Confidential
  2. Treatment Recommendation with Pricing
  3. Scheduling/Planning
  4. Treatment Visit
  5. Follow Up


 Phone Consultation Specifics


Our specialists are dedicated to providing the proper regenerative treatments that have the highest chance of success. The therapies are not “one size fits all”, so it is critical that you undergo a phone consultation which may take fifteen to thirty minutes. You will have an assigned Patient Concierge Representative (PCR), who will set this up for you at a convenient time.


The phone consultation is free, and there is no associated obligation from you. Any available medical records and imaging studies will be evaluated simultaneously. What the consultation will allow is for the specialist to make a determination regarding your potential benefit from the procedure(s).

Treatment Recommendations with Pricing


Upon completion of the phone consultation, your PCR will relay the treatment recommendations from the specialist within approximately 48 hours. This recommendation will include specifics of the proposed therapy along with pricing and upcoming dates available for the procedure(s).


Any follow up questions can readily be handled through your PCR, as our goal is to make you and your loved ones comfortable with the decision process.




At this point, you have decided to proceed with the regenerative procedure(s). Congratulations! The procedures are only offered on certain days each month, and your PCR will help you make the scheduling decision. Once selected, a 50% down payment is required.


Your PCR will then go to work on ALL the “heavy lifting” logistics, which include:

  • Obtaining any additional medical records.
  • Assisting with flight arrangements.
  • Reserving your ground transportation/lodging.
  • Assisting with meal and entertainment reservations.


Essentially you can sit back and know your PCR is taking care of everything and will be your one point of contact needed for any and all questions regarding treatment or your visit needs.

Treatment Visit


The day prior to the beginning of treatment, you will fly in and be met at the airport for transportation to your first rate hotel. The following morning, an R3 PCR will meet with you for orientation, where the remaining 50% is due for payment if not already taken care of. Any residual questions or concerns will be addressed.


Your initial physician visit will occur and depending on your condition, treatment may begin that day. Transportation is provided to and from the Center.


During your stay, the PCR will continuously be available to assist with meal and entertainment reservations, along with facilitating answers to any clinical questions.

Follow Up


R3 Stem Cell will be in contact right after treatment, one week after and at regular intervals afterwards. It is vital to us that you are not only satisfied with the level of clinical care received with your regenerative therapy, but also your level of customer service with our PCR’s!

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