Refund Policy

R3 Stem Cell Refund Policy

Thank you for trusting R3 Stem Cell by signing up for a procedure at one of our Centers of Excellence! With 10 years of offering first rate regenerative procedures, R3 is the best option worldwide for achieving satisfaction with an improved quality of life.


First of all, it should be noted that R3 Stem Cell will NOT perform a procedure unless payment has been made in full prior to the procedure.

This document will lay out our refund policy once a person signs up and pays for a regenerative procedure.


1. If a person pays for a procedure that is scheduled for at least 4 days away.

a. There is a 72 hour period where a patient may receive a full refund. After the 72 hours (3 days), all sales are


2. If a person pays for a procedure that is scheduled less than 4 days away.

a. All sales are final. R3 immediately orders the allograft tissue for the procedures, and according to FDA
regulations they are non-returnable.


3. After a regenerative procedure.


a. R3 makes it well known to patients that procedures are not guaranteed (provider discussion and signed consent form). As with any medical procedure, there is always a risk that a procedure will not produce the desired result.


b. Therefore, no refunds are provided after a procedure is performed.

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