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Every day, R3 Stem Cell receives inquiries worldwide from individuals asking if stem cell therapy can help for back pain. Spoiler alert: It can help a lot! In this guide . . .

Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain in Pakistan – Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore

There are many different types of back pain. Back pain can be caused by sore muscles, inflammation, or something serious like a herniated disc. Since there are so many different types of back pain it’s important to discern between different methods of treatment.

You may be interested to learn that stem cell therapy is being considered an effective treatment for managing back pain of various types. Because of the interesting nature of stem cells and their adaptability, they can take on a number of roles. This makes them useful for treating many different painful conditions.



The Main Types of Back Pain



Back pain is often misdiagnosed. However, the majority of chronic back pain cases are caused either by some sort of degenerative disc disease or a particular type of arthritis called facet arthropathy.


In the case of degenerative disc disease, the discs – which function as shock absorbers between the vertebrae of our spine – become worn out, torn, or inflamed. This can trap nerves and lead to significant pain. This can also progress into inflammation which worsens the discomfort.

In many cases, patients who have serious spine injuries opt to undergo invasive spine surgery. While this type of surgery can certainly be useful, there are a number of issues associated with invasive surgery. The price of surgery as well as the emotional discomfort associated with long hospital stays can all be a deterrent.


Using Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain


Nowadays, however, doctors and researchers are revealing an alternative to invasive surgery. Research is beginning to suggest that back pain, especially that caused by a herniation or arthritis, can be managed with the use of stem cells.

Stem cells can be injected directly in between the vertebrae. Here, they can work to repair and rehydrate the damaged cells which are causing pain and discomfort. Stem cells have been used to manage all manner of back-related problems, including:


  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatica causing lumbar back pain
  • Facet joint dysfunction / arthritis


By injecting stem cells directly into the damaged disc, your body can begin its own repair process. Stem cells can adopt the role of the cells surrounding them. When injected into your spine, they begin to restructure your discs, rehydrate your vertebrae, fight inflammation, and improve mobility.


A lot of research has been done on the use of stem cells for helping to repair damaged cartilage in various conditions such as arthritis. One study, published in the journal Stem Cells, revealed that people who received stem cell treatment showed dramatically increased healing when compared to those who didn’t.


While stem cell therapy might still be a relatively new area of research, the studies that are available are incredibly promising. Another study, published by the Hospital for Special Surgery, encourages the use of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for helping to regenerate damaged cartilage in the case of arthritis.


The potential for combining these forms of treatment suggests that there may be new, effective treatments for treating back pain and disc degeneration.


Back pain can arise from a number of different causes, ranging from herniated discs to arthritis. Stem cell research has proven itself to be useful for managing a number of these different problems. Stem cell therapy can restore damaged vertebrae and help fight inflammation related to back problems.


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