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IRB Research

Overview of R3 Stem Cell IRB Approved Research


As a leader in the field of regenerative medicine clinical deployment, R3 Stem Cell has obtained IRB approval for its musculoskeletal treatments. This includes amniotic stem cell injections for all types of bone, joint and soft tissue conditions.


For those who are unfamiliar with what an IRB approved research study is, here is an overview our CEO David Greene, MD, MBA prepared.



The IRB approved study serves several purposes. Because the study is not randomized, patients are assured of receiving the regenerative material. The study provides a standardized format for patients to receive the treatment including consent forms and obtaining data in a prospective fashion.


Patients like IRB studies because they are protected and feel comfortable that a third party has validated the treatment as presenting minimal risk compared with the benefit achievable. There is also a marketing benefit as well.


R3 Stem Cell will perform the heavy lifting for the study. Our web application makes patient data input easy, and the database is encrypted and password protected for security. Andy data statistical analysis only involves de-identified variables.


Each R3 Partner becomes a co-investigator under the IRB protocol, and may participate in study write-ups if desired.

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