Why Us?

Why Should Individuals in South Africa Choose R3 Stem Cell International?

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Individuals in South Africa should choose R3 Stem Cell International for their stem cell and exosome therapies.


1. R3 Stem Cell in the United States has been the leader in regenerative medicine with over 21,000 procedures in the past decade. Now we are offering the same high level of service for individuals in South Africa.


2. R3 has never had a significant adverse event in 10 years (since inception) in either the United States, Mexico, Philippines, India or Pakistan.


3. The stem cell and exosome tissue is processed at an FDA Registered Lab in the USA, cGMP compliant, that has never had a significant adverse event in over 15  years and incorporates quality assurance testing that is more rigorous than the FDA. The treatments include customized therapy with these state-of-the-art biologics.

4. R3 specifically chose our lab after a lengthy search for the safest stem cell biologics with a perfect safety record and amazing effectiveness. Each treatment includes 30 to 200 million live stem cells, which is many times more cells than treatments in the USA that are significantly more expensive. 


5. Along with having thirty to two hundred million live stem cells, R3 incorporates its Intellicell technology for the processing. Only the best, most active stem cells are selected first for culturing. That ensures the culturing results in the most active regenerative cells with the highest chance of success!



6. The providers performing your stem cell treatment have performed hundreds of procedures safely and effectively. Approximately 50% of R3’s patients in South Africa are either repeat patients or from referrals!


7. You will receive a VIP Escort ground transportation for your trip and be chaperoned at all times back and forth.


8. The full stem cell procedure includes millions of live cells including a multivitamin infusion can be performed either IV or include TWO joints and starts at ONLY $2950. Similar treatments in the US will cost you three times as much (at least).


9. You will receive umbilical cord stem cells that have a full “orchestra” of regenerative elements including stem cells, exosomes, secretomes, mRNA and more.


10. If you want to bring a friend, relative, etc. that individual will receive $250 off. You can share in that discount or use it for yourself! 




Stem Cell Doctors Offering Stem Cell Therapy starting at only $1500!