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R3 Stem Cell offers several stem cell, exosome and PRP therapies. These treatments are performed as an outpatient by several Phoenix stem cell specialists. The procedures are safe, effective and come with R3’s Therapy Commitment!


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Stem Cell Treatments at R3 Centers of Excellence in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler


Stem Cells Beverly Hills

Traditional pain treatments for painful joints (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, foot) along with back and neck pain, ligament injury, degenerative arthritis, neuropathy, sprains and strains, and tendonitis all have one thing in common. They typically suppress  pain and reduce inflammation nicely, but they don’t actually produce any healing of the damaged tissue. They do not FIX the problem and are really just a Band-Aid!

Regenerative Medicine with R3 stem cell therapy in AZ is quickly changing the landscape of injury treatments.


The therapies offer the potential to repair and regenerate damaged tissue, while offering pain relief simultaneously.


Here is an example. When an athlete twists his ankle and sustains a severe ligament injury, it may take 6-12 weeks to heal. The athlete can then return to competition, which may be half a season later.


There are two issues with this scenario that stem cell therapy may be able to fix. The first is the time frame of six to twelve weeks. Stem cell therapy may cut the time necessary to heal these injuries significantly, allowing the athlete to return to competition without missing so much of a season.


The second issue is that ligament and tendon injuries, when allowed to heal naturally, do not return back to one hundred percent. When stem cell therapy is used, the injury may be able to heal back to 100%. The Phoenix R3 providers have been treating patients from senior citizens to grandparents, executives, manual laborers, students and athletes from high school to professional. The providers offer both umbilical cord stem cell treatment along with autologous adipose treatment. YOU DECIDE what’s best for you in conjunction with our expert regenerative providers. Our providers have been teaching doctors globally for over 5 years as part of R3 Medical Training faculty!


Regenerative treatments may allow individuals to avoid or delay the need for surgery when it comes to plantar fasciitis, instability, Achilles tears, degenerative arthritis and more. Surgery requires considerable postoperative PT along with the risks of the procedure.


With such a low risk, outpatient stem cell procedures offer a tremendous upside. Make your appointment at R3 Stem Cell today!

Exosome Therapy


Stem Cells Beverly HillsExosomes are byproducts of stem cells, and are amazing at cell to cell communication. They are commonly used for patients desiring regenerative therapies for overall wellness or in conjunction with stem cells.


Exosomes are acellular, and contain a plethora of cytokines, growth factors and messenger RNA that facilitate a healing response in one’s body.




Exosomes are often used in conjunction with stem cells for hip, knee, shoulder pain to amplify the pain relief. In addition, they work extremely well for aesthetic procedures including hair restoration, facial rejuvenation and erectile dysfunction.


Find out today how exosomes can help you with pain relief, looking and feeling better too.


R3 Stem Cell’s providers are experts in regenerative medicine procedures.  Call the practice today for an appointment!

Umbilical Cord Derived Stem Cell Injections for Degenerative Conditions


The most popular type of stem cell therapy offered by R3 involves umbilical cord tissue injections. The umbilical cord allograft tissue comes from donors that are rigorously screened, and the tissue is processed at an FDA registered lab.


This type of stem cell treatment is excellent for degenerative disc disease, joint arthritis, ligament injuries, spinal arthritis, and tendonitis. To date, small studies have shown that therapy using regenerative treatment, such as umbilical cord stem cell injections, works well for degenerative ailments.


Umbilical Derived Stem Cell Collection and Injection


An umbilical cord derived stem cell injection is an outpatient procedure where no harvesting is required from the patient. The tissue comes from a consenting donor after a scheduled c-section, with no harm to any babies. The “products of conception” contain a stellar amount of regenerative cells from the umbilical cord, umbilical cord blood, Wharton’s Jelly and placental membrane.


The processing of the materials occurs at an FDA registered and certified facility.  No embryonic stem cells are used. R3 in Arizona offers procedures with umbilical cord stem cells into a focal area of degeneration such as for knee, hip, shoulder or ankle arthritis. 


How do Umbilical Cord Derived Stem Cells Help Degenerative Disease


To date, small studies have shown excellent results for umbilical cord derived stem cell therapy. This includes the ability to help with meniscal tears, degenerative disc disease, arthritis of the knees, shoulders, ankles, hips and soft tissue injury such as rotator cuff tendonitis or tennis elbow.


The treatment can help patients delay or avoid the need for invasive surgeries, and get patients back to increased activities and enjoying life!


R3 Stem Cell is  at the forefront of regenerative medicine treatments with stem cells. You will be in good hands!

PRP Therapy for Joint and Soft Tissue Pain in Arizona


Bone Marrow Stem cellsPlatelet rich plasma therapy, known as PRP for short, involves using a patient’s own blood to help repair joint and soft tissue damage.


After the patient’s blood is drawn (just like at the lab), it needs to be processed prior to being administered. R3’s Arizona Centers process the PRP with special kits that are able to highly concentrate the platelets and growth factors for optimal healing potential.


PRP therapy is excellent for helping with knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, foot pain. Also, PRP in Arizona is great for degenerative disc disease, back and neck pain, ligament injuries, plantar fasciitis, spinal arthritis, and tendonitis. The treatment can help patients delay or avoid the need for invasive surgeries, and get patients back to increased activities and enjoying life!


Along with offering PRP for musculoskeletal conditions, R3 also utilizes PRP for hair restoration, facial rejuvenation and erectile dysfunction as well.


R3 Stem Cell is  at the forefront of regenerative medicine treatments with PRP. Call today for your free consultation!