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R3 Stem Cell in Arizona offers the premier regenerative therapies for those who want the Mercedes of stem cell therapy for the cost of a Ford.


After 10 years of being the leader in the United States with over 22,000 stem cell procedures performed, R3 Stem Cell is the global leader and the go-to for the combination of affordability, quality and safety!

Therapy at R3 Arizona serving Tucson, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa.

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Affordable AZ Stem Cell Therapy

Have you been considering stem cell therapy but thought it was too expensive? Well THINK AGAIN! We’ve got your answer with Stem Cell Therapy in Arizona at R3. As The US Leader In Stem Cell Therapy With Over 22,000 Procedures Performed over the past 10 Years, R3 Stem Cell Is truly the USA leader and the most affordable. 



Our Buying Power Has Made It VERY Affordable At Our Arizona Clinics serving Tucson, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert! Patients respond amazingly well with the powerful, potent stem cell and exosome therapies.

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