Knee Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Pain in Pakistan - Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore

Knee pain is quite common among people of all ages. Knees bear the brunt of our weight and over time they begin to wear down. Knee pain can emerge for a number of reasons, ranging from regular wear and tear to more serious conditions like arthritis.


Depending on the cause of your knee pain, treatment can range from taking medication to surgery. However, research is beginning to explore the use of a promising new treatment for managing knee pain: stem cell therapy.


How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?


Ever since its inception, stem cell therapy has been heralded as something of a miracle discovery.


Stem cells are unique in that they are capable of performing a number of functions. In their original state, a stem cell doesn’t have many functions and can be hard to differentiate from other cells. However, once a stem cell is injected into the body it begins to take on the role of cells surrounding it.


This is one of the reasons that stem cell therapy can work for such a wide range of conditions. The stem cells work to repair tissue and improve function in the area where they are injected.



Could Stem Cell Therapy Help With Knee Pain?



If you’re wondering whether or not stem cell therapy can be helpful for knee pain, it’s important to consider the cause of your knee pain.


Currently, the only studied and acceptable use of stem cell treatment for knee pain is in the case of osteoarthritis (OA). OA causes the cartilage surrounding the end of joints to deteriorate. Rather than smoothly gliding up against each other, the two opposite parts of the joint begin to painfully scrape up against each other. When OA occurs in the knees, it can be debilitating. OA reduces a person’s range of motion and can make it painful to walk.


Stem cell therapy is a promising treatment because of the way that stem cells help stimulate the body’s repair processes. Stem cells are also known to fight inflammation, a chronic problem for people with OA.


There has been quite a lot of research done on the use of stem cells for helping patients who struggle with osteoarthritis. Stem cell therapy is known to help promote the growth of new, healthy cartilage which can improve knee pain in people with osteoarthritis.


Another study also focuses on the use of stem cell therapy for treating rheumatoid arthritis. By directly injecting the affected joints with stem cells, inflammation can be reduced dramatically. This reduces overall pain and discomfort.


While there hasn’t been a lot of research done yet on the use of stem cell therapy specifically for knee pain, researchers seem to agree on the theory. It is believed that stem cell therapy could help to slow the progress of damage and possibly repair the damage that has already been done. Stem cells also prevent inflammation and related pain.


One of the most promising things presented by this research is the decreased chance of needing knee surgery.


Knee pain can emerge for many reasons. One of the most common reasons for knee pain is a condition known as osteoarthritis, which causes inflammation and deterioration in the cartilage of our joints. Stem cell therapy may help to stimulate the repair of this cartilage. Stem cell treatment can also help to fight inflammation and pain.


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