Autoimmune Disease

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Your immune system is the body’s main line of defense against the invasion of various infectious microorganisms. To protect the body, your immune system has to distinguish the body’s various cellular components (self) from invading organisms’ cells. Your body must know how to spot “Nonself” cells and their attack and how to save “self cells.”


Suppose your immune system fails to identify self components and attack them mistakenly, which is the primary characteristic of autoimmune disease. Some common autoimmune system diseases are type one diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, inflammatory bowel, and multiple sclerosis. It also includes several inflammatory bowel diseases.


All these diseases show different symptoms, but their condition can exacerbate when the body’s immune system turns against itself. Luckily, stem cell therapy has shown a profound healing effect on patients with various autoimmune disorders. The stem cells have the ability to regulate and modulate the immune system. 


Let’s plunge into further details and see whether stem cell therapy is the right treatment option for autoimmune disease.


What are Autoimmune Disorders


As mentioned earlier, autoimmune diseases are medical conditions that affect the immune system of the body. In this condition, the immune system starts generating antibody and cellular responses to various tissues and antibodies in the body. The body can restrict this response to just one organ or may involve specific tissues.  The immune response causes damage to different organs and results in autoimmune disease.


Typically, physicians use adult stem cells to treat or reduce the symptoms of autoimmune disease. These cells come from umbilical cord tissues. Physicians expand them in laboratories, screen, and test them for infectious diseases.


Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat Autoimmune Disease


Physicians have been treating autoimmune disorders with immune suppressive components. While the components induce temporary improvement, there is a possibility of adverse effects. The effects can be long-term and may require long-term treatment.


In this regard, stem cell treatment has demonstrated an effective healing process with different autoimmune disorders. The advanced therapy heals damaged tissues and has a unique ability to transform the immune system by shutting off pathological responses and preserving its capability to fight off different diseases.


Moreover, stem cells, particularly mesenchymal, are home to many inflamed tissues and produce anti-inflammatory agents. They serve as mediators that don’t suppress or restrain the immune response of the body.


It doesn’t end here;  mesenchymal stem cells can stimulate the production of various T regulatory cells- a form of immune cells whose function is to secure the body against several immunological self-attacks.


In closing, stem cell therapy offers several possibilities for novel treatments of different diseases.  More researches can explore the full potential of the therapy against autoimmune diseases.  Overall, it is an optimum approach towards improving your defense mechanism without experiencing any side effects.


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