Info for Patients

R3 Stem Cell International Patient Information – THINGS TO KNOW!


Congratulations on Scheduling your regenerative procedure with R3 Stem Cell International, your trusted provider of first rate safe and effective stem cell and exosome therapies!


Travel Logistics:


Once you schedule your procedure, your Patient Concierge Representatives will help arrange transportation. R3 will arrange and include ground transportation for you and those traveling with you (up to 3 people total are included). We can also assist with lodging and airline scheduling as well, as we have special hotel rates for patients (fees paid by patient).


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In addition, we offer transportation from the hotel to the clinic and back! For meals and entertainment, R3 will also assist with reservations. In every country R3 has a clinic, you will work with bilingual personnel to make sure you understand any/all medical forms and get all questions answered.


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The week prior to the procedure:

Your patient concierge representatives will be in touch with you to answer any final questions you may have. Your doctor will be available to answer questions as well and you will be sent pre-procedure instructions describing which medications to stop taking prior to the procedure.


This usually includes stopping anti-inflammatories, blood thinners, H2 blockers and possibly others. But your doctor will confirm, as patients are not all the same!


Avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking for AT LEAST one week prior to your procedure.


FYI – if you would like to change the amount of biologic to be received, such as increase from 30 million stem cells to 50 million, we need to know several days before hand. The lab needs three days to prepare your cells!

Your Trip:


Please make sure your Passport is up to date and of course, bring it with you. If you have friend(s)/family accompanying you, they will need a passport too.


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Don’t forget your regular medications. If you are planning on bringing any controlled substances (such as opioids), make sure to bring the prescription bottle as otherwise they may be confiscated.


Make sure to stay well hydrated. Continue to avoid alcoholic beverages and smoking.

During the procedure:


Bring comfortable clothes with you for the procedure. If you think of any last minute questions, make sure to write them down so you don’t forget to ask the doctor.


It will be fine to have accompanying friends/family with you during the procedure. There are certain types of procedures though where the doctor may ask those individuals to stay in the waiting area due to space limitations or sterility measures.


The regenerative procedures offered at R3 Stem Cell International take between 45 minutes to 3 hours per session. After completion, you will be monitored for at least thirty minutes to ensure stability.


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After the procedure:


Depending on the type of procedure being received, most patients are able to go home the same day if desired. R3’s clinic personnel will make sure you are monitored after the procedure to check vital signs and treat any associated symptoms. This will range from 1 to 3 hours.


Your doctor will provide post procedure instructions regarding what symptoms to look out for, and when those symptoms should result in a follow up phone call for evaluation. In addition, the post procedure instructions will explain when to restart your regular medications.


Your patient concierge representative will follow up with you at regular intervals to see how you are doing.


Do NOT hesitate to reach out to your representative with any questions you may have. We are always here to help!