Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Canada

R3 Stem Cell International  has worked very hard to make its stem cell and exosome treatments for Canada extremely cost effective for patients. Especially when taking into consideration the stem cell counts being offered with each treatment.


Our treatments start at only $2950 USD for thirty million live stem cells or $3950 for 50 million. But let’s look at what that means and how it compares to other Centers.


Stem cell therapy in Canada is not allowed per the government. Only for a few cancers, but not for the vast majority of conditions. Rather than debating the merits of that decision, let’s focus on what’s available for patients from Canada!


If someone has a chronic illness and desires stem cell treatment in Canada, the research into it can be extremely confusing. The reason is that in addition to the government regulations, there are plenty of Canadian clinics trying to pass off PRP therapy as a “stem cell therapy”.  From that perspective, then, we’re talking about apples to oranges!


To receive stem cell and exosome therapy in the US for a chronic condition such as diabetes, lung, kidney or heart failure, the cost may exceed $8k to $12k due to the FDA regulations. The regulations inhibit the ability of  labs to culture the biologic, and preservatives are needed to cryopreserve the tissue after processing. The end result with the biologic is they have much less viable cells, and cost a lot more!


Therapy with biologics at R3 Stem Cell International is different in several ways. One is that we maximize the amount of live cells in our biologics, use incredibly high safety standards, while at the same time using our buying power to reduce the cost of treatment substantially!


Chronic diseases need high stem cell and exosome counts for maximum effectiveness. Our goal since day one has been to provide the Mercedes of stem cell treatment for the cost of a Chevy. R3 has made this goal a reality for those in Canada desiring the best stem cell therapy option at the most cost effective investment.


Why Stem Cell Therapy Cost in Mexico at R3 International is Incredible

Let me explain why you will NOT find a better regenerative center option anywhere else. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) provide outstanding treatment for a lot of conditions. While they do not cure conditions, they typically increase one’s quality of life substantially!


Here’s a Top Ten list of why R3 International is your best option:

1. Only $2950 for 30 million live cells or $3950 for 50 million. This is 80% less than what the cost of equivalent cell counts would be in the US.

2. The quality assurance standards for the biologics exceed those of the FDA in the US. The Mexico biologics lab is accredited and has NEVER had a significant adverse event in over 7 years.

3. The stem cells are allowed to be cultured in Mexico, which increases cell counts tremendously. This is how we are able to offer 30 or 50 million stem cells for such an affordable investment.

4. MAJOR POINT: The stem cells are between the 2nd and 5th generation of culturing. Most international stem cell centers go WAY BEYOND that until the stem cells are inactive but still included in their counts. At those centers you will be paying for counted stem cells that are inactive and nonfunctional!

5. Our experienced stem cell doctors in Mexico have successfully performed hundreds of cases, with exceptional results. We have over 20 protocols for patients with various conditions.

6. We offer VIP Escort transportation from San Diego to the clinic in Tijuana and the same in Cancun. Our patient concierge rep is bilingual, friendly and will escort you to treatment too. She will also arrange lodging for you.


7. Intrathecal is offered too. R3 International has experienced anesthesiologists who provide safe intrathecal administration when necessary for the best central nervous system penetration.

8. You will get the necessary amount of stem cells. Keep in mind that chronic conditions require significant numbers for optimal efficacy. After a free phone consultation, our licensed stem cell doctors will advise the necessary treatment protocol. Over the past 8 years, R3 has realized that at one setting, a patient should not receive over 50 to 100 million stem cells. So if more is necessary, then we will provide a cost effective option for you!

9. Viability of cells – this typically exceeds 95% because no cryopreservative is used and the cells are shipped same day for use.

10. NO cryopreservative needed – this is a huge point! Without cryopreservatives, the possibility for an allergic reaction is diminished. Also the stem cell viability is tremendous at over 95%.

While stem cell procedure cost in Mexico is VERY important, so is the most important variable that you need to get what you deserve and are investing in. Have you ever heard of the expression “Receive a Lexus for the price of a Chevy”? That is exactly what you get with the program at R3 Stem Cell International.






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