Nonoperative Stem Cell Therapy helping you achieve pain relief from all your foot and ankle pain issues.
Treatments with a World Renowned Foot and Ankle Specialist in Phoenix and Scottsdale.


Dr. Jacoby at Valley Foot Surgeons is a Top Doc Foot and Ankle Specialist with over 25 years experience providing the Southwest with cutting edge options for pain relief.

Dr. Jacoby has been a pioneer in laser and stem cell therapy for all foot and ankle conditions, with comprehensive options for helping patients avoid surgery. Treating amateur and professional athletes, senior citizens, executives, students, manual laborers and every one in between!

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Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Treatments are safe and performed by the best foot and ankle doctor in the Valley, Dr. Richard Jacoby. He has been a four time Top Doc and treats all conditions of the foot and ankle with regenerative medicine and laser options.

Regenerative treatments at Valley Foot Surgeons involve amniotic derived stem cell therapies. They are performed as part of industry subsidized research studies and therefore cost a LOT less!

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Stem Cell Therapy at Valley Foot Surgeons treats degenerative foot and ankle arthritis, achilles tendonitis and tears, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, sprains, strains, cartilage and ligament injuries, and more conditions of the foot and ankle.

Treatment may help avoid achilles tendon surgery, fusion or ankle replacement surgery, and get athletes back on the field after sustaining a foot and ankle injury.

Get back in the game with stem cells!

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Valley Foot Surgeons participates in several ongoing stem cell research projects. These are NOT randomized, so every participant receives the amniotic stem cell material.

In addition, these projects are industry subsidized, so individuals can expect to pay 30-40% less for treatment than elsewhere. Call today to enroll, all therapies are outpatient and administered by the Top Foot and Ankle Doctor in the Southwest!

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Stem Cell therapy may help you avoid or delay the need for surgery such as fusion, ankle replacement, achilles or plantar fasciitis surgery.
Regenerative medicine with Valley Foot includes cutting edge therapies that are outpatient with minimal risk,  and performed by a trusted TOP Doc provider.
Valley Foot offers therapies at significantly less due to industry subsidized research projects! Several projects are enrolling now.


Stem Cell Treatment Potential Benefits

  • Potentially Avoid Surgery

  • Achieve Pain Relief

  • Restore Damaged Cartilage

  • Get Patients Back to Sports Quickly

  • Outpatient & Low Risk Treatments

  • Repair Damaged Tissue, Not Just Mask Pain

  • Play More with Kids, Grandkids & Pets!

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Meet Dr. Jacoby

Dr. Richard Jacoby is a talented foot and ankle specialist and is the Medical Director of Valley Foot Surgeons. He has won the Phoenix Magazine Top Doc Award four times over the last 10 years, showing both his dedication to patient care along with foot and ankle expertise.

Dr. Jacoby is constantly seeking cutting edge options to help patients avoid surgery and obtain pain relief. This includes the use of lasers and stem cell therapies. He has helped tens of thousands of patients in his career and has been a leader in the use of amniotic stem cell therapy for pain relief.

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It’s not just professional athletes who benefit from stem cell treatments. Executives, amateur athletes, weekend warriors, students, grandparents can ALL benefit!
You may be able to get back on the field faster, heal a diabetic wound, avoid surgery. Imagine a treatment that can actually FIX your problem and not just mask pain.
Cutting Edge stem cell treatments delivered in a first class setting by Dr. Jacoby, the top foot and ankle specialist in the Southwest. Treatment with a dedicated provider and compassionate staff.

When modern athletes sustain injury such as tendonitis, ligament injury or cartilage defects, the most cutting edge treatment options include stem cell therapy.

Regenerative medicine typically helps repair damage much faster and more completely than the body can do on its own, not just mask pain.