Stem Cell Therapy Portland Oregon | FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why receive treatment at R3 for joint pain or tendonitis?

R3 Stem Cell’s mission is to provide the most effective regenerative procedures with expert providers in the most minimally invasive method possible. When it comes to joint pain or tendonitis, it usually involves an individual with chronic pain that is trying to obtain long term relief while avoiding surgery. For autoimmune, neurodegenerative, organ failure – the protocols need to be very strictly performed to obtain the best outcomes.


Therefore, we only work with top doctors and practices who specialize in the most modern procedures available for joint pain and chronic tendonitis and systemic conditions. R3 Stem Cell’s providers have successfully performed over ten thousand procedures around the country, and focuses on nonoperative relief for patients. Not only do R3’s Centers have first rate providers, the staff treats each patient with compassion and respect. Regenerative therapies for joint arthritis and tendonitis have demonstrated excellent outcomes to date!

How is the Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Material Obtained?

The amniotic and umbilical cord material is obtained from consenting donors after a scheduled C-section. No babies are harmed and no embryonic stem cells are used. The material is acquired in a sterile, approved fashion and then processed at an FDA registered/certified facility.


For amniotic fluid and umbilical cord tissue, it is cryogenically frozen once processing is complete which preserves cell viability. It is kept frozen at -80 degrees Celsius until it is needed for a procedure. Shipping occurs on dry ice to keep the material frozen.


Per FDA classification as a biologic, the products are minimally manipulated. The material is rich with multiple extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, stem cells and other specialty proteins.

Is the amniotic and umbilical cord material FDA approved?

The amniotic and umbilical cord materials are FDA regulated as a biologic, NOT FDA approved. They are classified as biologics and regulated as such under the FDA CFR Part 1271. Drugs are FDA approved/denied, however, biologics are simply regulated very strictly.


The donor history is evaluated, then the material is checked for all types of diseases according to the FDA regulations. To date there have been no adverse events reported by any of the R3 Centers with over 10,000 cases to date.

What types of musculoskeletal pain is treated?

Multicare has experts in treating extremities with arthritis and/or soft tissue injury (e.g. tendonitis) and is at the leading edge of modern technologies. All types of arthritis pain are treated including osteoarthritis, psoriatic, rheumatoid, lupus and more. No matter what is causing your joint pain, we can typically help you!

What are the risks of treatment?

Risks of treatment with the regenerative therapies are extremely low. However, there is a risk of an adverse reaction to any anesthesia used and possibly infection, nerve injury, bleeding, etc. The amniotic and umbilical cord material is immunologically privileged, so it rarely if ever causes a rejection reaction.

Where is the treatment center?

Portland OR Location

R3 Stem Cell @ Multicare Health Clinic

3930 Stadium Drive
Sioux City, IA 51106
What are the outcomes?

Outcomes with regenerative therapies for arthritis pain to date have shown amazing outcomes. Studies have included hundreds of participants and have showed 85% overall good to excellent outcomes for joint pain relief.


R3 Stem Cell offers an IRB approved protocol for treatment and is constantly accumulating data to further knowledge regarding outcomes!

How much does treatment cost?

Regenerative therapies for joint pain are offered on a self pay basis. We don’t publish our treatment rates online. Please call us to scheduled a free consultation to discuss your options at (844) GET-STEM.