Stem Cell  and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to help you achieve improvement with arthritis, COPD, diabetes, autoimmune disease, cardiomyopathy and more.
Treatments with a Highly Skilled Board Certified Physician close to the strip!


Drs. Neville Campbell and Ruben Alexander are Board Certified Physicians with extensive experience in regenerative medicine. They have been top physicians in Las Vegas for over a decade. They offer stem cell therapy for arthritis and several systemic conditions with success in helping patients avoid surgery and improve dramatically!

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Stem Cell Therapies are outpatient, safe and performed by the top stem cell doctors in Las Vegas, Board Certified physicians Drs. Campbell and Alexander.The regenerative treatments at Wellness & Rejuvenation involve platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy) and stem cell treatments with umbilical cord tissue.

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Wellness & Rejuvenation treats degenerative arthritis, tendonitis, COPD, cardiomyopathy, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, erectile dysfunction.Treatment may help avoid joint replacement, help patients breathe easier, walk farther, and get back to desired activities such as golf, tennis or playing with grandkids!

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Wellness & Rejuvenation's outcomes with regenerative treatments have been stellar with minimal risk. Over 80% achieve excellent symptom relief and avoid potentially risky surgeries. Treatments are low risk, outpatient and help to restore and regenerate tissue rather than just mask symptoms!

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Stem Cell treatment may help you avoid or delay the need for joint replacemen and obtain relief from lung, heart and autoimmune conditions..
Regenerative medicine offers cutting edge options that entail minimal risk, are outpatient and performed by Renowned stem cell doctors.
Stem Cell Therapy of Las Vegas offers treatments that are outpatient, noninvasive and highly effective in over 8 out of 10 patients.


Stem Cell Treatment Potential Benefits

  • Avoid or Delay Surgery

  • Provide Pain Relief

  • Breathe Easier with COPD

  • Improve Heart and Kidney Function

  • Outpatient, Low Risk Treatments

  • Repair Damaged Tissue, Not Just Mask Symptoms

  • Play More with Kids, Grandkids & Pets!

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Meet Dr. Neville Campbell

Dr. Neville Campbell is a Board Certified Las Vegas Physician who has been in private practice for several years.  Dr. Campbell’s patients range from celebrities to the elderly to executives and athletes alike.

Dr. Campbell is highly sought after internationally for his ability to treat all types of systemic, heart, lung, bone, joint and soft tissue conditions nonoperatively and effectively with PRP and stem cell therapy. Visit our stem cell concierge site HERE for more information.

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It’s not just professional athletes who benefit from stem cell treatments. Executives, amateur athletes, weekend warriors, students, grandparents can ALL benefit!
You may be able to get back on the field faster, help heart & lung function, avoid surgery. Imagine a treatment that can actually FIX your problem and not just mask pain.
Cutting Edge stem cell treatments delivered in a first class setting by Dr. Abeyatunge, the top regenerative medicine doctor in Las Vegas at a modern office close to the Strip.
When individuals suffer from COPD, cardiomyopathy, diabetes and autommune conditions, the most modern option includes stem cell therapy. Regenerative medicine typically helps repair damage much faster and more completely than the body can do on its own, not just mask symptoms. Stem Cell Therapy of Las Vegas offers several regenerative medicine treatments for individuals with the TOP stem cell doctors in Las Vegas. These treatments have minimal risk and there are several options available!