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Travel Concierge Program


When you are in constant pain, life is difficult to enjoy. Our Centers of Excellence offer expert physicians who continuously strive to ease your pain and help you get your life back! This includes regenerative therapies for neuropathy, pelvic pain, COPD, kidney failure, joint pain, neurologic conditions and more.

A typical patient experience with R3 includes a dedicated patient concierge representative who is kind, trustworthy and knowledgeable about the treatment and everything surrounding it. Your route to treatment and recovery will be handled carefully and personally. Here are the simple guided steps.

1. Free No Obligation Consult

Talk with your dedicated Patient Concierge Representative

You will be assigned to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Patient Concierge Representatives to help you at every step on your life changing journey. To fully understand your unique case, we will discuss your medical history, symptoms, prior treatments to obtain a full understanding of your case. Initial questions will be addressed to resolve any uncertainties. There is no charge for the consult.

2. Medical Record Review

Send your records for a free review

If you have had previous treatment for the condition, please send it in. You can fax it to. , scan/email to or call us and we can help you obtain the records! This includes office notes, imaging and procedures performed. Once again, we will help if desired.

3. Discuss Records

Our providers will then review the records and then provide you with a second opinion regarding your condition. This will help determine the most effective regenerative plan for you and the next steps. All of this is free of charge.

4. Expenses

Your patient concierge representative will then discuss treatment/travel cost and options, including what’s covered in the cost. R3’s Centers of Excellence offer several payment options that are convenient, including financing and payment plans.

5. Schedule

Schedule your procedure and travel plans

As part of our full service approach, your Representative will work with you and setup the travel and treatment arrangements. This includes hotel, most ground transportation, breakfast, doctor visit/treatment and assistance with your flight.

We make this part super easy by doing all the heavy lifting! Once the scheduling is set, you will receive a confirmation letter.

6. Your Visit and Follow Up

Prior to your treatment visit, a welcome letter will arrive with specific instructions on what to bring with you and a reminder of your travel arrangements and treatment information. This will ease any anxiety you are feeling.

After the treatment, your Representative meets with you again to go over the post-procedure instructions.

Your patient concierge representative will meet you at the hotel the following morning for your Orientation.

There will be several post-procedure follow ups with you to ensure all is well and results are as expected. You will have the direct contact information as well to your Representative should questions arise!

One Trip Can Change Your Life

The R3 treatments are designed to be accomplished in one trip*. The goal is to get you back to doing desired activities, reduce your symptoms long term, and repair and regenerate damaged tissues. One trip for the regenerative therapies is typically all it takes!

*Treatment plans are customized to meet your specific pathology. Patient experiences may vary.

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