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Stem Cell Treatment in San Diego

Stem Cell Treatment in San Diego

Stem cells are found in every human body, and they play a vital role in our body’s natural healing process. These cells remain dormant in the body until they get a signal from the brain that the body has suffered injury or damage. Stem cells have the extraordinary ability to transform themselves into the exact kind of cells that were damaged to promote the natural healing of the body. They can repair, restore and regenerate injured tissues, tendons, ligaments and bones. 

As we grow old or when an injury occurs, the number of stem cells in a particular injury site reduces. Stem cell treatment fixes this crisis by directly delivering a high concentration of stem cells through injections or IV infusion into the injured site. This stimulates the healing of the injury without surgical interventions or medications. 

With amniotic/umbilical stem cell treatment, the doctor injects or infuses stem cells derived from amniotic tissues into your body.  

R3 Stem Cell offers a Cutting-Edge stem cell therapy clinic in San Diego that provides regenerative medicine treatments for degenerative injury, diseases, musculoskeletal , Neurologic, cardiac and cosmetic conditions. 

Some of the conditions treated at clinic are: 


  • Tendonitis – Shoulder, Achilles
  • Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Bursitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • DegenerativeOsteoarthrits
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fractures (e.g.Nonunions)
  • Cartilage Defects
  • SI Joint Inflammation or Arthritis
  • Facet Syndrome
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Spinal Arthritis
  • Hip, Knee, Shoulder Arthritis


  • Diabetes Mellitus – Type 1 and 2
  • COPD
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Fatty Liver, Liver Insufficiency
  • Peripheral Artery Disease


  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Post-Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Autism
  • Occipital Neuralgia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Peripheral & Diabetic Neuropathy


  • Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
  • Refractory Angina


  • Stem Cell Facelift
  • Stem Cell Hair Restoration
  • Stem Cell Facial
  • Erectile Dysfunction

What is Amniotic/umbilical Stem Cell treatment? 

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy uses the body’s most basic stem cells, to grow or regenerate new cells that the body needs. These stem cells are known as “unspecialized or blank” cells that can be developed into another type of cell required to replace or repair the damaged tissue.  

How does amniotic/umbilical stem cell treatment work? 

Stem cell therapy makes use of the human body’s ability to repair, restore and regenerate itself. With amniotic/umbilical stem cell treatment, the doctor injects or infuses the amniotic and umbilical cord tissues obtained from healthy, consenting donors who are under the age of 35 and undergoing a scheduled C-section. These tissues are tested, processed and stored to ensure the highest level of patient safety.  

The Stem cell injections or infusions contain acid, which lubricates bone and joints, relieving the pain and helping in its restoration. 

What benefits does amniotic/umbilical stem cell treatment offer? 

Stem cell therapy can be performed in San Diego at our R3 Stem Cell Clinic to get pain relief without the risks of surgery or an extended recovery period. Some of the amazing benefits of this treatment are as follows: 

  • Amniotic/umbilical stem cell treatment is safe, painless and effective. 
  • Amniotic/umbilical stem cells injections and infusions have anti-inflammatory agents and no steroids.  
  • These stem cells contain growth factors, which accelerate tissue expansion.  
  • There is no danger of patient rejection with amniotic/umbilical stem cells 
  • Finally, amniotic fluid is a highly concentrated source of stem cells, which makes this type of stem cell regeneration more potent over patient’s own stem cells (in fat or bone marrow) and embryonic stem cells. 

Are stem cell injections or IV infusions safe? 

Yes. Over 10,000 injections and IV infusions have been performed without any adverse side effect. 

Am I a candidate for stem cell treatment? 

Patients suffering from any diseases, musculoskeletal, ,neurologic, cardiac and cosmetic conditions may be considered as candidates for stem cell treatment.  You can contact us to find out more here. 


The R3 Stem Cell Centre in San Diego comes with state-of-the-art equipment and well certified and qualified doctors. At R3 Stem Cell, our goal is to relieve pain through natural healing while providing effective, long-lasting results. 

In most cases, your treatment will need only one injection or IV infusion, and you can return to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible.  

If you have any chronic hip pain, knee pain, or other joint pains or diseases that are restricting your daily activities or stopping you from performing things you love, our Stem cell treatment can be the ideal solution for you.  

The team at R3 Stem Cell will diagnose your problem and suggest the perfect solution. We provide distinctive treatment plans for every disease or condition or disease you are dealing with.  

Visit us at  and call us at (844) GET-STEM. 

Contact us today to schedule your appointment! 

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