Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico

Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico

Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico

After achieving over 14,000 stem cell procedures in the US, R3 Stem Cell International opened over a year ago in Tijuana to rave reviews! Hundreds of patients and their loved ones have been helped dramatically since then, with first rate stem cell treatment in Mexico that is only $2950 for 30 million live stem cells, or $3950 for 50 million.
Stem Cell Clinic Mexico
The stem cell therapies in Mexico are offered by first rate regenerative physicians, with biologics that are umbilical cord tissue derived and come from donating women after a scheduled c-section. No babies or mothers are harmed at all, and no embryonic stem cells are used.
Over 15 treatment protocols are utilized at R3 Stem Cell International. Excellent results are routinely being achieved with COPD, kidney disease, heart failure, neuropathy, post stroke, diabetes, liver failure, autism, Lyme disease, hepatitis, Crohns disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, MS, post-stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, osteoarthritis and more!
For a patient who wants two joints injected, the investment is only $2950! Two joint injections in the US routinely cost over $7500. There are no other treatment costs involved and the procedures are performed under image guidance for the highest accuracy.
When it comes to neurologic conditions, R3 International also provides intrathecal treatment as an option with highly qualified anesthesiologists. This is great for MS, post-stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s too.
Treatments are offered with umbilical cord stem cell biologics that come from a lab that exceeds FDA quality standards in the US. The biologic culturing does NOT go past the 5th generation, which is critical to ensuring the viability and function of the cells! Most labs internationally culture through way too many generations, so you think you’re receiving millions of functional cells when in fact they are simply dead or non-functional. At R3 International, rest assured that doesn’t happen!
At times, patients need more than one stem cell treatment in Mexico. When this is necessary, we provide a multi-treatment discount for them. In addition, if more than one individual wants to receive therapy at the same time in Mexico, we have discounts available for that as well.
When patients go to Tijuana for treatment, they often fly into San Diego International Airport. The Tijuana treatment center is literally only 20 minutes from the airport. Patients receive VIP Escorted transportation from San Diego to the Tijuana stem cell clinic in Mexico.
Best Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico
If patients desire to receive additional therapies as well such as dental work or other procedures, your Patient Concierge Representative will help arrange it all.
All in all, when you combine the top notch outcomes at R3 Stem Cell International with the safety standards and immense value received, there is no better option for your stem cell treatment in Mexico! This is why we’ve seen patients from all over the US, Canada, Mexico and from many other countries!
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