Owing to the ability of the stem cells to restore and regenerate, their applicability towards pain management is a sensible step by Stem Cell Therapy NYC collaboration with R3 Stem Cell. While talking specifically. stems cells are used as an amazing stem cell therapy for conditions such as Back Pain from Arthritis. The traditional methods for treating degenerative diseases like degeneration of disc have their drawbacks. Taking painkillers might have dangerous side effects and invasive surgeries permanently change the body’s natural structure and this surgical treatment can sometimes be unsuccessful. However, interventional stem cell therapies like injections by Stem Cell Therapy NYC that could prove remarkably beneficial for many patients. The stem cell therapy doesn’t even affect change on a cellular level and support the body to begin its regeneration process.

Stem Cell Therapy

Where Do the Stem Cells For Stem Cell Therapy Come From?

The mesenchymal stem cells are considered the most common type of stem cells used in Stem Cell Therapy for treating arthritis. These stem cells are usually obtained from the patient’s own fat tissue, blood, or bone marrow.

The process of collecting cells is called harvesting. The patient is given a local anesthetic and may also be given a sedative before the procedure.

  • Adipose (fat) stem cells are collected using surgery or liposuction.
  • Peripheral blood stem cells are found in the blood, they are collected by using a blood specimen from the patient.
  • Bone marrow stem cells are harvested from one of the patient’s bones.


How Are Stem Cells Used in Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Back Pain from Arthritis?

Stem cells can be applied delivered through injections directly into the arthritic joint. Many doctors use ultrasound as medical imaging to administer Stem Cell Injections so that the cells can be delivered precisely to the section of cartilage damage.

There is also evidence that patients with severe arthritis are benefited from Stem Cell Therapy NYC. Experiences shared by the most of the patients show that younger patients who have comparatively mild osteoarthritis or cartilage damage were the most benefited with this Stem Cell Therapy NYC.

In R3 Stem Cell, some specialists have defined criteria for approving stem cell therapy. For instance, they only prescribe this Stem Cell Therapy NYC to the patients who are in a good condition and have comparatively slight cartilage injury. Other specialists make individual’s case-based recommendations.

So far, studies at Stem Cell Therapy NYC into the utilization of stem cells for back pain from Arthritis have been seen as positive. Thus, not only stem cells work to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with the back pain from Arthritis, but they also serve to repair and regenerate the damaged areas. The current studies indicate that stem cell therapy NYC minimizes degeneration undoubtedly and then it starts to regenerate disc tissue.

The research data collected by R3 Stem Cell NYC recommend that this Stem Cell Therapy NYC is a promising and amazing treatment for back pain relief. R3 Stem Cell NYC also gives you the opportunity for FREE consultation for back pain from Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cartilage damage, Joint pain, and also for other body pains.

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