Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Research

Los Angeles Stem Cell TherapyResearch to date for regenerative medicine has been extremely promising. Small studies so far in humans have shown exceptional benefits of Prolotherapy, PRP therapy, bone marrow and amniotic derived stem cell procedures for many musculoskeletal conditions, nonhealing wounds, ophthalmology conditions and more.

This includes tendonitis/tendonosis, rheumatoid and degenerative arthritis, in several areas such as the ankle, knee, hip and shoulder along with helping heal ligament injuries quicker and more completely than what occurs naturally.

R3 is working with NYC Health & Longevity Center’s Medical Director, Dr. Bosiljevac Jr, MD, PhD,

to enhance our knowledge when it comes to the benefits of stem cell therapies for musculoskeletal conditions and wound healing. Treatment is not randomized, therefore, each patient receives the stem cell procedure. No placebo is used, which places patients’ minds at ease when undergoing treatment.

The research is subsidized, which is able to substantially lower the cost of treatment. It does not fully cover the cost of treatment, however, stem cell therapies at NYC Health & Longevity Center routinely cost substantially less than other centers as a result.

It is truly a very exciting time for regenerative medicine, with its potential to repair and regenerate injury from degenerative/rheumatoid arthritis and soft tissue injury along with nonhealing wounds. Individuals ranging from amateur and professional athletes, executives, weekend warriors, grandparents, manual laborers and students are able to now reap the benefits of these cutting-edge therapy options with the program R3 has set up at NYC Health & Longevity Center.

Stem Cell Research