Stem Cell Therapy offering regeneration and repair potential for arthritis,tendonitis, COPD, Kidney, Heart, Neuropathy..
Effective, safe treatment in NYC with Highly Skilled, Fellowship Trained, Board Certified Physicians!


R3 Stem Cell provides Fellowship Trained, Board Certified Physicians at NYC Stem Cell Institute with considerable experience in helping patients achieve relief and avoid surgery.

R3 Stem Cell Centers of Excellence have performed over 10,000 successful procedures, including stem cell therapy for all types of hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, hand/wrist, elbow, back and neck arthritis along with tendonitis, COPD, kidney/heart failure, neuropathy, stroke, dementia.

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Stem Cell Procedures are outpatient, minimally invasive and offered by first rate stem cell doctors in Manhattan, New York City.

The regenerative treatments involve stem cell therapy with FDA regulated amniotic and umbilical cord tissue with extremely high cell counts and effectiveness. The fluid also has growth factors, cytokines, secretomes, mRNA and much more!

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Stem Cell Therapy at NYC Stem Cell Institute treats degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis, ligament injuries, tendonitis, non-healing wounds, stroke, dementia, COPD, kidney/heart failure too.

Treatment may help avoid or delay total joint replacement and get patients back on the field after sustaining an injury. Rotator cuff and Achilles injuries, golfers/ tennis elbow, cartilage injuries. Get back in the game with stem cell therapies!

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R3 Stem Cell's NYC location offers treatment at NYC Stem Cell Institute.

Appointments are readily available with our experienced, compassionate Board Certified providers. Call today for your free consultation to find out if you are a candidate!



Stem Cell treatment may help you delay or avoid the need for joint replacement, rotator cuff repair, amputation, ligament/tendon surgery or arthroscopic knee surgery.

Regenerative medicine offers cutting edge options that are outpatient and performed by highly skilled stem cell doctors in NYC.

R3 at NYC Stem Cell Institute offers therapies with over 82% effectiveness!


Stem Cell Therapy Potential Benefits

  • Avoid Possibly Risky Surgery

  • Achieve Pain Reduction and Relief

  • Restore Damaged Cartilage

  • Help Non-healing Wounds get Better

  • Outpatient, Low Risk Therapies

  • Walk farther, participate in recreational activities again

  • Become active with your family again!

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Meet Dr. Prabhat Soni

Dr. Prabhat Soni is a unique physician, not only in America but in the world, who is American Board Certified in eight medical specialties. He appeared in many TV channels for his passion work in WEIGHT LOSS (beyond diet and exercise) and regenerative medicine (STEM CELL). He has been voted America’s top physician in 2011, 2012 and 2013. His other specialties includes; pulmonary/critical care, sleep disorders, pain management, anti-aging/hormones, Aesthetic (Stem Cell mediated-nano-fat transfer/face lift).

He has dedicated his life to helping his patients live long and healthy lives. He uses the latest, cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat many common health conditions his patients face on a daily basis. 

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It’s not only elite athletes who benefit from stem cell therapies. Executives, grandparents, amateur and professional athletes, manual laborers and students can ALL benefit!
You could potentially get back on the field quicker, avoid an operation, heal wounds, help lung/heart/kidney failure that simply will not heal despite the best conventional therapies. Imagine a treatment that may actually FIX your problem and not just mask pain.
Cutting-Edge stem cell treatment provided in a first rate setting by Dr. Scheer, the top regenerative medicine doctor in New York City.

When people suffer from injury such as tendonitis, ligament injury, cartilage defect, nonhealing wounds, neurologic conditions or kidney/heart/lung failure, the first rate option includes stem cell procedures. Regenerative therapy may possibly repair damage faster and more completely than the body can do by itself, even with comprehensive conventional treatments.

R3 at NYC Stem Cell Institute provides several types of stem cell regenerative medicine therapies for patients with the BEST regenerative medicine Doctors in the greater New York City area. These therapies have minimal risk and there are several options available to help get you healed and pain free!