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The R3 Heroes Program

Free Stem Cell Procedures for Veterans, First Responders and Teachers

R3 Stem Cell is dedicated to those individuals who have not only made the sacrifice to ensure our nation’s freedom, but also to those who put their lives on the line every day along with those who are shaping the minds of future generations. You are all Heroes, and we want to help!  

Teachers are being included in the Heroes Program as well! As anyone with children in our school system knows, teachers provide a future for youth that is indelible, with importance that CANNOT be taken for granted. They are so deserving that R3 looks at them as HEROES too! 

Along with arthritis, veterans, first responders and teachers may be suffering from conditions such as back pain, COPD, neuropathy, autoimmune syndromes, organ failure, erectile dysfunction and more.

To show our appreciation, The R3 Heroes Program is proud to be offering a completely FREE stem cell therapy to Veterans, First Responders and Teachers in need at our Las Vegas Center of Excellence (approximately ten at each Workshop). The Program involves crowdsourcing for nominations as described below.  

Hear Gulf War Veteran David O'Connell's Story

Hear Vietnam Veteran Rich's Story

Three months after stem cell therapy, here is Mr. O'Connell's update: 

"Greatest benefit is a dramatic decrease in pain, 20+ years of constant chronic pain is I’d say 98% gone! Really knocked it out of the park. No pain in my knees, no aches in my shoulder or back and fibromyalgia like symptoms are completely absent. "

Why offer this?  

Because Military Veterans, First Responders and Teachers are the true heroes of this great nation and deserve it! Many types of bone/joint and systemic conditions are included for therapy.

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Hear Zach's Compelling Story

And Hear Zach's Followup Story

What's Included in the FREE Procedure Giveaway?


One of our highly experienced providers will perform an evaluation to determine the best course of regenerative therapy.

Stem Cell Procedure

The regenerative biologics will be used to assist with repair of the damaged tissue. Therapy will occur during one of our training sessions.

Follow Up Visits

The R3 Stem Cell Center will follow up with the patient to determine the procedure response. Testimonials may be obtained as well.

How Is the Winner Chosen?

We are crowdsourcing the nominations. 

Anyone who would like to nominate a loved one, family member, friend, etc who is a Veteran, First Responder or Teacher can do so. Simply click the button below and complete the form with appropriate contact information along with a brief description of why you feel the Veteran deserves the free treatment.  

There is no limit to the amount of nominations that can be submitted. The nominations will be reviewed by a committee. The decision factors will include the individual’s story and need without regard to race, creed, ethnicity, etc.  

Nominate Your Hero Today

How Does the Nomination Process Occur?


There is no limit to nominations that can be submitted (you can even nominate yourself). The decision factors will include the individual’s story and need without regard to race, creed, ethnicity.

Deadline is Two Weeks Prior to Each Event

The Selection Committee will meet right away to consider the Nominations and decide the winners. The training events occur every two months!

Selection Process

The winners will be contacted after the selection committee meets. Selection is subjective and based on the condition(s) and the person's story. All nominations are considered!

Don’t wait, nominate your hero today.


You may also submit additional documents, pictures, etc along with or in place of the form at the following email address: