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Stem Cell Clinics of California

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Stem Cell Clinics of California

What do you look for when you’re choosing a regenerative physician? Do you want a doctor who takes the time to get to know you and can manage your needs? Or a doctor who answers your questions thoroughly and maintains firm medical knowledge that will make you feel most comfortable? At Stem Cell Clinics of California, we are compassionate about your health and promise that we will treat you as an individual with unique needs.

As an R3 Stem Cell Center of Exceellence, Dr. Malek and his team will take the time to get to know you and understand your unique condition. Then a customized regenerative treatment plan will be proposed. Not only does Dr. Malek perform injections into extremities or the spine, he also performs IV therapies for systemic conditions and organ failure.

This includes arthritis, kidney, heart, lung or kidney issues along with stroke, post concussive disorder, neuropathy, autoimmune disorders, TMJ and many more!




1575 N Lake Ave
Suite 100
Pasadena, CA 91104

Practice Information

Dr. Malek is an expert in nonoperative therapies for helping patents gain function while reducing pain. He has over thirty options for achieving relief with patients, many of which are covered by insurance!


Sabri Malek MD

Dr. Malek is a specialist in interventional pain management and is committed to ensuring the best medical care when you need it most. At Interventional Anesthesia & Pain Management Clinic, we use a multidisciplinary approach, which means that patients benefit from various opinions and treatment options. We are dedicated to serving the community, preventing disease and offering preventive care and treatment of pain disorders.

Dr. Malek, a board-certified anesthesiologist licensed in California through the American Board of Anesthesiology, understands the emotions that relate directly to pain management and works with each patient individually to ensure the best possible experience! His clinical interests include cancer pain treatment and interventional pain management techniques to block the intrusive pain that patients have spent so long trying to manage. He understands on a deeper level what it is like to see someone in chronic pain and has a specific passion for treating pain directly. This stems from his experience and belief that proper pain management is essential and beneficial to patients and their families during an already tough time.

Educational & Medical Training

  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center for a Fellowship in Anesthesiology
  • New Jersey Medical School for a Residency in Anesthesiology
  • SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn for a Residency Transitional Year
  • The Medical Center Inc. for an Internship in Pain Medicine
  • East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Additional Information

Call today for a free consultation. There is every reason to see if you are a candidate for a stem cell procedure, call (844) GET-STEM today!

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