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Prescott Functional Wellness

The veteran team at Prescott Functional Wellness are leaders in the field of regenerative therapies, which utilize stem cells, growth factors and exosomes to amp up your body’s ability to repair tissue damage. The providers at Prescott Functional Wellness have received additional training from R3 Stem Cell. Over 15 different regenerative protocols are available for patients suffering from arthritis, kidney failure, heart/lung issues, along with autoimmune and neurologic issues as well such as post-stroke and neuropathy.

The practice treats each patient the same as they would for their own mom or dad, carefully evaluating options that are individualized based on your condition. Due to the impeccable practice reputation, patients are seen from an extremely broad area. Regenerative therapies to date have been very safe and effective. Make sure you and your loved ones are seen at Prescott Functional Wellness, where the providers will offer you all the time necessary to educate and help you make an informed decision.

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Get relief from the persistent discomfort that can occur in any part of the body with PRP and stem cells for chronic pain. Improve your quality of life and ability to perform your daily activities by reversing the stress, anxiety, and fatigue that can result from pain and lack of sleep.


Stephanie D. Ten Eyck, FNP-C

Stephanie D. Ten Eyck, FNP-C is the  medical director and lead provider for Prescott Functional Wellness. She brings with her over 10 years of medical knowledge and experience. Her career started with emergency and trauma medicine where she flew for Native Air saving many lives in the most extreme conditions. When she obtained her FNP-C she wanted to make an impact in her community by bringing back compassionate and caring medicine where we sit and listen to our patients.

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Prescott Functional Wellness offers free consultations to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for regenerative therapies with stem cells, growth factors, exosomes and secretomes. The therapies are powerful, call us today at (844) GET-STEM!

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